Friday July 30th 1999

CoV Announces New Hotline Server { Pie-rat }

Integrity (aka der Ubermann) recently announced on behalf of his order, Cross of Valor, that another Myth HL server has joined the party. Here is his PR:
The order Cross of Valor now has its own 24/7 Hotline server. Why anotherHotline server? Just because we wanted one. :) We're not aspiring tobecome Clanplaid Hotline or anything that big, but just wanted anotherplace where folks can come, hang out, and just discuss Myth, Maps, andMyrkridia. Sure you can upload or download Myth maps, plugins, etc.
Cool. You can visit the server at the address However, before you visit, read this warning, which was included in the announcement:
One thing we wish to make clear from the onset: this is NOT NOT NOT awarez server, nor shall it ever become one. Those folks who come inasking for warez (especially pirated copies of Myth/M2) will be kickbannedimmediately.
Drop on in and say hi to Integrity, and all the other CoV members. Remember, the address is Have fun!