News Archive for January 2004

Wednesday January 28th

A New Beta for Myth III { Zandervix }

PlayMyth is hosting a new beta for Myth III. Here's the scoop:

In the Downloads block to the right, there is a new beta of Myth III listed, version 1.2b2. This replaces all previous versions of Myth III, and incorporates all previous enhancements, plus some new fixes and tweaks. In the works for the next beta: gesture arrows and overhead map drawing.

This update is provided from Contraband Entertainment and Take Two Interactive, who have taken up where MythDev had left off.

I made the updaters for these so if there are any issues, let me know. There is no OS 9 compatible updater at this time, if I receive the requests for it I'll see about providing a manual updater for OS 9 users. Please use the forums to report any issues.

Looks like it's time to get yer lucious 3D rendered warriors dancin again!

Download it!

Wednesday January 7th

New Mapmaking Contest { Zandervix }

There is a new mapmaking contest in the works. Check out all the info at

Tuesday January 6th

ProjectMagma Releases Mazz 4 { Zandervix }

They've outdone themselves again. ProjectMagma is proud to announce the completion of Mazzarin's Demise IV. Here's the press release:

Project Magma announces the release of Mazzarin?s Demise IV For Myth 2 1.4.x. Among the many new changes are more than 600 additional enemies to fight (total of 2876 on Legendary ? once again, setting a new record for Myth), a brand new Wraith unit, a choice of two new colormaps, a completely rewritten script, improved vetting permutations, and many new weapons, artifacts and attacks.

The first team to win Mazzarin?s Demise IV on Legendary difficulty will have their film permanently posted at along with stats and a brief overview of how they accomplished the feat.
You can pick it up here!

Monday January 5th

Avon's Hope Ready for Download! { Zandervix }

Avon's Hope, what is to my knowledge the only Myth fan film, has been completed and is ready for download.

It's a Quicktime movie weighing in at 111mb (zipped) and is just under 15 minutes long. Well worth the watch. For more info on this film and how it came to be, check out their website

Update: The makers of Avon's Hope have requested we stop hosting this movie for reasons of their own. We've had to comply with this request and will no longer be serving this movie from

Thursday January 1th

Happy New Year! { Zandervix }

As part of my resolutions, I plan to add even more content to this site this year. This should be one resolution I'll keep, unlike that lie I tell myself every year that I'll exercise regularly. Oh, and that one about eating better. Oh, and there's also that one about...