Tuesday January 6th 2004

ProjectMagma Releases Mazz 4 { Zandervix }

They've outdone themselves again. ProjectMagma is proud to announce the completion of Mazzarin's Demise IV. Here's the press release:
Project Magma announces the release of Mazzarin?s Demise IV For Myth 2 1.4.x. Among the many new changes are more than 600 additional enemies to fight (total of 2876 on Legendary ? once again, setting a new record for Myth), a brand new Wraith unit, a choice of two new colormaps, a completely rewritten script, improved vetting permutations, and many new weapons, artifacts and attacks.

The first team to win Mazzarin?s Demise IV on Legendary difficulty will have their film permanently posted at along with stats and a brief overview of how they accomplished the feat.
You can pick it up here!