Wednesday January 28th 2004

A New Beta for Myth III { Zandervix }

PlayMyth is hosting a new beta for Myth III. Here's the scoop:

In the Downloads block to the right, there is a new beta of Myth III listed, version 1.2b2. This replaces all previous versions of Myth III, and incorporates all previous enhancements, plus some new fixes and tweaks. In the works for the next beta: gesture arrows and overhead map drawing.

This update is provided from Contraband Entertainment and Take Two Interactive, who have taken up where MythDev had left off.

I made the updaters for these so if there are any issues, let me know. There is no OS 9 compatible updater at this time, if I receive the requests for it I'll see about providing a manual updater for OS 9 users. Please use the forums to report any issues.

Looks like it's time to get yer lucious 3D rendered warriors dancin again!

Download it!