News Archive for January 2002

Wednesday January 23rd

Legends Updated { Forrest }

Gholsbane has kindly reformatted his treatsie on Celtic mythology and Myth into the standard format, and so it now has its own real page, and a link from the main Relics page. Check it out here!

Wednesday January 16th

Grounds for Assault { Forrest }

the uDogs order has just announced/released "Grounds for Assault" 2, a compilation of over 220 TFL maps and every TFL editor ever made. This is apparently (note: apparently) Bungie-approved, for the front page at has announced it as well. For more details, see this forum post.

Tuesday January 8th

MWA for sale at MWE { Forrest }

Thanks to Mumbles of SubnovaHL for the heads-up, apparently Myth 3 for Mac is for sale at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. Mumbs passes on this link to a Fileball forum post as evidence. Check it out!

Friday January 4th

Legends Addendum { Forrest }

Asmodeus submits an addendum to Wednesday's Legends update. See the River of Blood Field Guide.

Wednesday January 2nd

OMG Legends & Lore MB! { Forrest }

Just a brief update, not the Really Big One that I'm supposed to be working on... but Matthew Holm sent in an addition to the Field Guide for River of Blood. That is all.

New Header Graphic { Forrest }

You will note that we have a new header graphic, more in theme with the rest of the site, and reminiscient of the old header graphic as well. Big thanks to Nathan "Man in the Box" Kline of our Marathon sister-site for the suggestion, amongst other things.