News Archive for June 2000

Friday June 30th

The Mill Is Back! { Forrest }

FRANKLIN, TN, June 30, the web site dedicated to new and updated Macintosh game software, today announced the acquisition and re-launch of The Mill web site, the extremely popular Myth and Myth II interactive archive site.

"For years The Mill has been the place for Myth fans to go to download great new total conversions, hot new maps and plug-ins, and cool films," said Tuncer Deniz, publisher of "We're extremely proud to re-launch The Mill so that Myth fans around the world can keep on enjoying Myth's incredible expandibility."

The Mill's new url is:

The Mill was originally launched on May 1st, 1999 and features over 1300 Myth-related files. It was briefly shut down on June 19th and relaunched on June 30th.

Wednesday June 28th

Call Out The Rumor Police! { Forrest }

Well slap me silly and call me a rumormonger, but I was just pointed over to Computer & Video Game News where they have "inside sources" at Take Two about Myth 3 being slated for release on Dreamcast in Q3 2001.

God, I miss Bungie...

Saturday June 24th

Creation Releases 'Separation Of Ages' { Pie-rat }

In proof that Creation is alive & well & still doing what we do best, we would like to announce "A Seperation of Ages"

This project is a two-map solo/Multiplayer scenario. It tells of the challenges of warrior friends Gwyon & Seven Wind. The 2 maps take place in the same setting, but in a time lapse of 800 years. I'll leave the story line which makes this work a mystery until you play the solo's. The Multiplayer Meshes are all 8-start FFA's. The unitsets on the meshes all vary considerably & also feature several Slugfest varient meshes. Testing on these maps with members of MoR, #CP# & MWC representatives have shown to feature challenging use of Water Channels which segment sections of the map & allow for tricky Thrall/Wight attacks. These "Thall Highways" also tend to instigate fast action & tend to funnel multiple teams down into the limited number of approaches to the flag. Watch your front, watch your back..... oh, watch your sides too.

People have been asking for some more varied approaches to FFA meshes. We think this will start fullfilling some needs for action & different approaches to play. You can grab "A Separation of Ages" & all our other releases on the Creation website at

We'll see everyone online.

Thursday June 22nd Goes Live { Forrest }

To quote Chia:

It's up :)
Er... ok, maybe this would be a better quote, from the site's own news page...
It's finally here! We've spent months working (and slacking) to bring you the new Vista website. It's been revamped, redesigned, and restocked with a couple of new features.
In addition to other things, such as an official sheep mascot (appropriate), they appear to have expanded into Unreal Tournament and Halo as well.

Check out Vista Cartel - Wasting Your Time With Style!

Wednesday June 21st

Separation Of Ages { Forrest }

This just in from Clem of Creation:

In proof that Creation is Alive & Well & doing what we continually do... another release is on the Horizon.

"A Seperation of Ages" is two maps (River of Gold & River of Life) with a story spanning 800 years. Each map has a unique solo level telling the story of Gywon & Seven Wind and the perils their friendship has endured over the ages.

The Multiplayer Meshes included with the solos are all 8-Player FFA's. (NOTE: this map does not perform well with multiplayer games of 2 players. 4 players or more is prefered) You will have access to 11 multiplayer meshes with varying unitsets which have been scrutinized over not only by Creation, but other Leading players & representatives of MWC.

Creation is going nowhere, & our mapping efforts continue as long as players reward us for our efforts with their support & play of our projects.


I thought this might be a refreshing change from the gloom & doom posts lately.  It's just a Solo/Multiplayer project like Morte Della Luna, but I feel it is some of my best work.


Check it out!

Life goes on... { Forrest }

A little ditty, 'bout Alex and Jason.
Just a couple of programmers - now look't what they're facin'...

Oh yeah, life goes on...


Enough song & dance. Mythmaster Central has been updated, and damnit, I feel good about it. An fitting excerpt from the news there:

Asmo informs me that, like myself, he has lost quite a bit of his passion for Myth due to the recent happenings. Lets hope he cheers up soon - I'm starting to remember how fun this is!

Bungie or no Bungie, and may MS burn in hell - but Myth is ours, and nobody can take it away.


Check out Mythmaster Central!

Monday June 19th

Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate { Forrest }

Watch out, John Leguizamo.

The universe has officially turned upside-down. Read all about it at Micro... er,

FrigidMan has quit the Mill. I almost deleted this site as well, but it took me too long to back it up and I had to sleep before work today. That, fortunately, gave me time to think.

We will still be here, but I have lost my passion. Myth was not lost to Microsoft in the aquisition, but it is no longer a part of Bungie either. I will still be here in some capacity, as well as in the open-source Marathon community, but don't except any more late nights rushing a Mythmaster Central update out.

May Jason Jones and whoever else is responsible for this burn in the firey pits of hell. Amen.

Sunday June 18th

Corporation Interviews Ferrex Re: MS { Forrest }

Despite my attempts to keep any MS/Bungie buyout rumor crap off of my glorious front page, we finally got a news sumbmission regarding it from a legitimate source.

For those who've been living under a rock, rumor has it that Microsoft will be buying Bungie on Monday, along with various other side-rumors such as Oni and Myth becoming MS-controlled products and Halo being X-Box only. I can only say, in the strongest words permittable on a PG-13 website, that this is all utter bullshit.

Nonetheless, The Corporation has interviewed Tyson Green, aka Ferrex The Dead, maintainer of, former co-maintainer of The Myth Codex, and most importantly, former Bungie employee.

Their interview can be viewed here.

And while I'm on the topic, this is as good a place as any to repost my views on the subject, which you may have already seen around the net in various places.

You can read my article, the first one added to our Articles section since Myth II's release, here.

Friday June 16th

Asmodeus Takes On Chimera { Forrest }

Not to be outdone, Asmodeus takes on Chimera as well, tackling level four, "The Archer". Also featured is Devin "Soulblader" Pierce's latest TFL vid.

Check out Mythmaster Central!

Saturday June 10th

WolfPack Takes On Chimera { Forrest }

The WolfPack tackles the first three levels of Chimera for the Mythmasters' Challenge. Check out Mythmaster Central!

Friday June 9th

BUSHIDO: Way Of The Warrior { Forrest }

That dirty little ratfinkovitch Ares didn't bother to PR me, so this is just C&P'd straight from Townhall:

SIX new maps, FIFTEEN new units, TWENTY new scenery items, ONE HUNDRED new sounds, and a new style of gameplay that has to be experienced to be believed. Complete with a tournament/league to join, play, and compete in.

Creation is proud to announce the release of BUSHIDO: The Way of the Warrior, the most ambitious Total Conversion released to date. Taking place over the rich tapestry of the history and mythology of feudal Japan, BUSHIDO provides a new set of mortals, monsters, and magic for Myth II games and sets a new standard for ambience and unique gameplay in a Total Conversion.

The six new maps allow one to battle it out on the green, rolling plains of Japan (Shakunage), the snowy northern lands (Yukigassen), a rice field during harvest (Kyousaka), a feudal arena (Bushido Arena), a dojo (Tokkun Doujou), and a garden shrine (Shimedaiko.) All maps come with multiple meshes to experience the full range of all the new units and to account for team and FFA play.

BUSHIDO is being released in three plugins. The BUSHIDO tagset (11 megs), which is required for all maps, also allows one to convert regular Myth multiplayer and solo maps to BUSHIDO units. Tehajimeni and Sekando Bushido Map Packs (9 megs apiece) include all the maps you need for fun and league play.

Bushido League? Yes, there is an organized league/tournament using Bushido units sponsored by Creation. Get a couple friends and sign up today!

A BUSHIDO solo campaign is currently in the works, but in the meantime, be content to slug it out with others on the multiplayer maps we are releasing now.


Man, you spend one day-off at work and you miss everything. Yeesh.

Thursday June 8th

Major MMC Updates { Forrest }

A new Mythmaster, four films from Asmodeus, and submissions for the as-yet-unannounced Perfec7ion contest, all at Mythmaster Central!

Saturday June 3rd

Liberty Tournament Registration { Pie-rat }

Just received this PR from Andrew Smith:

The Liberty Tournament, a single player, single elemation tournament, is not only a WWII and Normal map Tournament, but is also giving $20.00 USD to the winner! Go to the web page at to sign up!
Andrew goes on to say that currently only ten players have signed up due to lack of publicity for the tournament.

Check out the tourney's website and sign up here.

Friday June 2nd

More from the Mill { Forrest }

Another note from FM:

The contest announcements will be made live, along with all the contest entries to download, tomorrow the 3rd of June.

The Judges came to final conclusions a few days ago, and I have been fast working on compiling all the results for world presentation. I would post now, but I need to make sure everything is in order, and that I didn't screw up some things.

-Frigidman (Randall Shaw)
Director of The Mill

The Mill - Myth & MythII Interactive Archive

Having advised the creators of several Mill contest entrants and beta tested a couple myself, I could let my bias toward my friends and colleagues show, but... aw hell, GO CREATION! WOO!!

Seriously though, may the best map win!

Change Is Afoot At The Mill... { Forrest }

From the (Frigid)Man himself:

Just wanted to give you a note about some changes at the Mill, for whatver purpose you would want to do with it.

1) Ratings have had the smack down put on. No longer can a general visitor rate any plugins or maps. Only Users are allowed to participate in that feature. Being a user is free, and costs you nothing but a few minutes to signup for an account that doesnt spam you with ads or sell your information to advertisers.

2) A slight bit of weeding and rejection will now be present on new submissions. If its in the best interest of the Mill to not post some lame 2k plugin that just changes the name of some unit, or is something that is more buggy than useful, then so be it.

3) The main home page has undergone a face lift/adjustment for all non-users. Style 1 (mostly archives, very little news) is now in effect as default for non-users and new users. This is adjustable once you become a user, and can be set back to the "old way" the Mill home page used to look like (mostly news, not much else).

These changes are for the best, and to reduce the amount of crud that has been going on. Abuse of the ratings will no longer be tollerated, and posting of useless garbage will not be had either. These changes are welcomed by most Mill users, yet we know a few will gripe and complain. Tough... the respectable public has spoken, and this will be how it is.

-Frigidman (Randall Shaw)
Director of The Mill

The Mill - Myth & MythII Interactive Archive

So if you haven't signed up already, then go do it!

Thursday June 1th

Asmodeus, Part Deux { Forrest }

The Mythmasters' Challenge turns six today... six months, that is. To commemorate this sspecial occasion (well, actually, just coincidentally), Daniel "Asmodeus" Gentry is back and kicking Soulblighter booty in some hot new Myth II films. Hurry up with that TFL stuff, WolfPack, before Asmo gets too far ahead!

Check out Mythmaster Central! Reset This Morning { Pie-rat }

As reported by, the Myth II has been reset this morning, in honor of Mordia's birthday.

A happy birthday to Mordia, and kudos to the guys over at for catching this.

Magma Is Here! { Forrest }

This just in (a couple hours ago) from Ned Hamfist of the Underdogs:

The Underdogs, The Society of the Journeymen, and the Alkema are proud to present you with a series of Myth 2: Soulblighter maps ported with painstaking detail back to our very own TFL. The project, which began in early 2000, is designed to combine the excellent maps available in Myth2 with the superior and much more playable engine of Myth: The Fallen Lords.

Included in our first batch of five maps are Bungie· originals "Gimble in the Wabe," "Drowned Kingdom," "Clash in the Cloudspine," "Dead Man's Chest," and "Dead of Winter." Each map ported has two meshes which are completely true to the Myth2 originals, and three which were created purely for Magma, for a grand total of 25 meshes, with many more to come in the future!

Although unit porting was originally thought to be near-impossible and was not scheduled to be included in Magma, Society of the Journeymen (SJ) member Losk took on the difficult task and proceeded to port every unit, piece of scenery, and model back to TFL, a time-consuming job without which Magma wouldn't be half of what it is. Even super-complex, mana-using units like Warlocks and Myrkridian Giants were successfully ported back, after dozens of hours of effort.

The results of all this work are spectacular, beautiful, and a hell of a lot of fun to boot!

You can find the Magma homepage and download links for each map at

What are you waiting for? I know I love gettin' back to good old TFL, and so should you! Check out Magma!