News Archive for January 2000

Friday January 28th

Yet Another Myth Master Central Update { Forrest }

Quick little news brief, Myth Master Central has been updated twice since I last mentioned it, with a new film from Dan "Face" Rudolph" and four new films from Daniel "Asmodeus" Gentry.

Check out Myth Master Central!

Thursday January 27th

New Hotline Server for Mapmakers { Forrest }

This just in from Clem of Creation:

Creation announces Creation2 Hotline

C2HL is a place for the yound blood and old veterans alike of the Myth mapmaking community to come. Not a member of a mapmaking group? Havent published anything? Or maybe you HAVE published things and they haven't fared so well. Perhaps you are even an established mapmaker who just needs a little more experience and resources. The place for you to be is C2HL. We hope this will raise the quality of all maps that come our way and inject more life into the Myth community.

C2HL features many reasons for you mapmakers to come on over.

- The biggest sorted texture library anywhere is at your disposal - hundreds of raw and finished textures.
- Discuss ideas and get advice and answers to your questions from Creation members.
- Publish betas for other mapmakers to play before your final release, to ensure that your map is the best it can possibly be before publishing. You may even find betas of Creation's latest projects!
- Chat and discuss with other mapmakers and discuss questions and ideas in the news.
- Large collection of third party applications, tutorials, resources, units, and scenery, including some never before available!
To visit C2 and poke around the site, log into from your Hotline client.

Tuesday January 25th

Announcing "Notio Mortus" Cartel { Forrest }

This just in from Fushizen:

There is a new mapping cartel in this very small world, it's name: Notio Mortus. We are currently working on a Total Conversion of the classic novel "DUNE" by Frank Herbert, We then intend to procede to "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card.

This mapping group seems to me to be just what the mything world needs. There are many cartels out there, some are better than others. This group is an escape from the norm of mapping groups everywhere. This group is an open market. If a map maker, ANY map maker, needs something on which to work, we're the place to go. We gaurantee to always have a project going on. If you are bored with a project that your cartel is working on and you need a break, work on something new with us! If you have a brilliant idea but you don't have the resources to complete it, bring it here, we will do our best to see that it fits your standards. This is an open market! We will give credit where credit is due. You may come and go as you please. There are no requirements to join, if you like working with us alot, though, we do have a group of core contributers. If you just want to learn, we can help walk you through some skills as we work. There is little obligation to help out, but should you want to recieve credit there are some requirements.

The requirements are:

  1. You must actually contribute to the efforts made by this mapping group. If you do not, we see no reason for you to recieve any kind of credit.
  2. You must actually be able to contribute SOMETHING to the efforts of this group. Any help will be greatly apperciated and will be mentioned according to the individual effort of the contributor.
  3. We will tolerate NO BAD BLOOD!! If you find yourself working with someone you despise, GET OVER IT or GET OUT.
  4. Sabotours [sic] will be disintegrated. I hate to have to put this up but, because of the openness of this group, sabatoge can occur. All sabatours, however minor, will be given due notice in all projects. We will then hunt you down in the night, and take your computer from you (or we may get a virus I know to do it.)
This group is based on trust. If I find that I cannot trust people, this group will close to the public. There will be another update soon.

Additionally, I can be reached at, so if you are interested in helping out you can write to me, please do.

Sounds very interesting! I'm particularly interested in the Ender series, and how it would be implemented in Myth. So any entrepreneuring mapmakers, etc, who meet the above criteria, sign up!

Monday January 24th

Myth II Supported At GameRanger { Pie-rat }

GameRanger, a Mac game-finder ( of thing) now supports Myth II. Check out to get more info and download the free software.

(Saw this news posted to agm2 by Bryan Gahagan. Thanks!)

Saturday January 22nd

News { Pie-rat }

"Wow. Slow news week."

Indeed. Of course, the Bungie community did receive a kick in the pants the other day -- the Marathon 2 source code was released. Check out more info about what fans are planning to do with at Marathon's Story or the Usenet group agm.

Stay tooned for more Myth news.

Friday January 21st

Myth Master Challenge Update { Forrest }

The Myth Master's Challenge at Myth Master Central is starting to build speed. One particular Myth Master, Daniel "Asmodeus" Gentry, has shot up from non-existant to uncontested first place in all divisions, in just over a week. This means that YOU, who has never vidded a level before, can still catch up and perhaps even overtake the existing competitors! There's still 38 levels left to go!

Current stats:

Myth: The Fallen Lords

Leader: Asmodeus, with five levels ("Crow's Bridge", "A Traitor's Grave", "Bagrada", "Ambush At Devil's Overlook", and "The Five Champions").

Runners-up: Ares, with three levels ("Flight From Covenant", "Force Ten From Stoneheim", and "The Five Champions"); and Face, with three levels ("Silvermines", "The Watcher", and "Pools of Iron").

Myth II: Soulblighter

Leader: Asmodeus, with four levels ("A Long Awaited Drinking Party", "Into The Breach", "The Baron", and "Limbs, Heads and Smoking Craters").

Runners-up: Barazbaruk, with three levels ("Willow Creek", "Salvation", and "Down A Broken Path"); and Face, with three levels ("Gate of Storms", "The Ibis Crown", and "Shiver").

Myth II: Chimera

Leader: Asmodeus, with one level ("The Healer")

Runners-up: None!


Leader: Asmodeus, with ten levels ("Crow's Bridge", "A Traitor's Grave", "Bagrada", "Ambush At Devil's Overlook", "The Five Champions", "A Long Awaited Drinking Party", "Into The Breach", "The Baron", "Limbs, Heads and Smoking Craters", and "The Healer")

Runner-up: Face, with six levels ("Silvermines", "The Watcher", "Pools of Iron", "Gate of Storms", "The Ibis Crown", and "Shiver")

For those who missed the start, the Myth Master's Challenge is a contest to see who can complete all the levels in Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, and Myth II: Chimera, following at least four of the six bonus laws, and excelling at the Seventh.

Wednesday January 19th

Bones of Feros Website Updated { Pie-rat }

Chris Worley sends us word that the Bones of Feros website has received some major updates: new screenshots, character renders, animation cycles, as well as a downloadable scenery tagset.

Check out the BoF site here. Thanks, Chris!

Monday January 17th

Return of the Fallen Lords { Pie-rat }

Max Rebo sent us this PR concerning his new TFL tournament:

After Months of hard work, The Underdogs would like to announce their first ever Myth TFL sponsored tournament "Return of the Fallen Lords" (RotFL for short, yes, we are aware of the pun ;)

This Team/FFA tourney is going to be one of THE tournaments for Myth TFL. We've put a lot of hard work into this thing, and we're ready to open registration for both the Team and FFA divisions. So, if this sounds like fun, and you don't have a lame excuse for not coming back to TFL to play a few games (i.e. "I can't find my CD", "TFL is dead", "You mean Bungie still runs for TFL?!?!") then you better hurry and sign up because the spots are filling up fast and registration ends the 26th with play beginning a few days after that.

I could go on all day about how great this tourney is going to be, or you could just go to the web site and sign up ;) The winners will end up getting a prize or two (At this time we're trying to narrow down the possible prizes so if you head over to the web site and don't find any info for them don't blame me) for the top finishing FFA and Team members. Anyway, head on over to the RotFL web site and check it out.

So there you have it. Kudos to Max for pre-HTML-izing the message for us.

Check out the RotFL site here.

Yet Another Myth Master Central Update { Forrest }

Wow! Another MMC update! We haven't been this popular since last October!

Daniel "Asmodeus" Gentry sends in three more films, putting him in uncontested first place for the TFL division and overall, plus second in the Myth II division. This guy really rocks! There's also another film from a new Mythmaster, Adam "Tiny" Garcia. Very cool in it's own right.

Check out Myth Master Central!

Friday January 14th

Myth Master Central Updated { Forrest }

Quick note, Myth Master Central has been updated with new films from old Marathon Vidmaster Daniel "Asmodeus" Gentry.

This update brougth to you by Myth Master Central, makers of fine Myth film products.

Thursday January 13th

Acts of Piety Released { Forrest }

This just in from Omac, via Ares:

Another Mapsterpiece from Creation - "Acts of Piety," a multiplayer and solo map.

Acts of Piety is a huge two-team map that has something for everyone on its four meshes. Coming from Omac, you know the colormap and terrain lack nothing, and provide an excellent location to use battleground tactics and form war strategies in ways unparalleled since Creep and Keep. The four meshes are:

     Acts of Piety - Light varient, huge creep-like unit set.
     Acts of Cruelty - The dark varient features two "new" units, a TFL-style Forest Giant using Mormith's new model, and a tougher thrall using Bungie's hooded thrall sprites. Other dark units flesh out the unit selection.
     Acts of Insanity - Do you like TRO? This mesh gives you the option to get no less than six of them, with a huge supporting army of light and/or dark units. *sigh*, as we said, there's something for everyone :)
     Acts of Depravity - The solo mesh from Ares™ features a slew of all-new artwork by Omac, a compelling story, and lots of action. Do you have what it takes to oppose the Taken?

Worried you won't be able to find a game? Have no fear... Creation's packing cable, and will be hosting multiple games of Piety and its various meshes from 7PM - 10PM CST on Monday 1/17 and Wednesday 1/19. Don't miss it!

Go pick it up today and join us on Monday or Wednesday! Piety will be released on the Mill as soon as it goes back up.

A very cool map, I can tell you for sure (seeing as I helped beta test it). Go get it!

MythII Finally Voodoo3-Compliant { claude }

Thanks to Andrew Plourde for the word... has finally released the 1.3.1 patch that fixes the incompatibilities with mac-based Voodoo3 cards. Stop on by and grab it!

Wednesday January 12th

Myth Master Central Updated { Pie-rat }

Forrest passes on this quick note:

Myth Master Central has been updated with a new film of The Ibis Crown, and stats on the Myth Masters' Challenge contestants.
So, yeah. Just letting you know.

Check out MMC here.

Tuesday January 11th

Mill Contest Mapmaking Group { Pie-rat }

Mythology reports that Charon is organizing a mapmaking group that will devote its efforts to the current Mill Contest.

Got an idea for a great scenario. Get in touch with Charon!

For more information about the Mill Contest, check out the official site here. (

Saturday January 8th

Myth Tourney Mismanaged { Pie-rat }

Harry Al-Shakarchi (TomeOne) recently posted this on agm2:

Due to some colossal unfriendliness on the part of (some of) the staff of the National Macintosh Gaming Championship at MacWorld SF, we aren't able to bring you films of the semifinals and finals of the Marathon and Myth II competitions. (Details had been worked out with two members of the NMGC crew to quickly grab films between games, but these plans were torpedoed by a staff member who was more concerned with his own importance than with helping fan sites spread the good word about the games.) If you'd like to express your displeasure with the handling of this situation, feel free to send (reasoned) email to Vinny Salzillo (, president of Double Exposure (the company who produced this event).

Please be reasonable and polite and help us get these films!

You heard him. This is especially dissapointing, considering all the time Freewill spent negotiating the playing times for the Myth II games in the tournament.

Mail Vinny and tell him how you feel. Please be nice, flaming.

Wednesday January 5th

Weird Creature Contest Ends { Pie-rat } reports that Tyr's Weird Creature Contest has come to a close -- now you can vote on them!

So, check out the page and submit your vote!

Articles Updated at { Pie-rat }

Acrappa posted to that various FAQs and guides there have received some updates.

Among the articles updated were the Solo Map Guide, the Guide to Terms and Phrases, and the FAQ (all written by Acrappa himself).

Speaking of FAQs...Kith-Kanan of Ancrik has passed the maintainence of the Myth:TFL, Myth II and FAQs to Forrest and as soon as we update them, we'll put them up.

Monday January 3rd

Bungie Gathering at Macworld SF { Pie-rat }

Miguel Chavez (Freewill) writes to inform us that he has received numerous e-mails from Bungie fans who will be attending his Jan. 5th Bungie Gathering at Club-I after Macworld San Francisco.

Great! Here's a direct copy & paste (just in case you want it straight from the horse's mouth):

Just a quick note of thanks to those of you that posted my news submission regarding the evening event on Jan 5th. Thanks to your help the event is definitely on! I have about 20-25 emails showing interest, which probably translates to 30-35 warm bodies the night of the event.

I also have confirmation that Marty O'Donnell, co-head of Total Audio, the folks that did the music and effects for the Myth series and now the upcoming Oni and Halo games, will be appearing at the event. This is in addition to the Bungie folks that are making an appearance.

Thanks and wish me luck :)

All the more reason to show up at MWSF. If you want to tell Freewill you're coming, you can reach him here.

Sunday January 2nd Gets New Look { Pie-rat } has gotten a major design renovation. I personally think it's a lot easier on the eyes and more readable.

Check it out here.

Horsepants Announces New Scenario { Pie-rat }

Horsepants, that really weird mapmaking group, has announced a new partial conversion for Myth II that will include the standard Myth units, but will have new sounds, hero characters, and a great new storyline. Another kicker: the scenario will place you in charge of the armies of the Dark.

Check out the Horsepants website here.

There is no mention of that enigmatic Marathonesque message/scenario that was up there a while ago. What the hell was that thing, anyway?

New Contest at the Mill { Pie-rat }

Hot on the heels of Forrest's announcement of the Myth Master challenge comes yet another contest: the Mill Contest.

This contest challenges anyone with a copy of Myth II to create a stunning plug-in. A list of guidelines is up at the Mill's contest page as well as some really cool prizes, like various Bungie stuff, a permanent place on the Mill must-have list, and...up to $300.

Sound good? Go check it out and start creating!

Saturday January 1th

The Myth Master's Challenge! { Forrest }

To celebrate the entrance into the new year, new century, and new millenium (well, almost), Myth Master Central of is proud to announce the Myth Master's Challenge!

The Myth Master's Challenge is a contest to see who can complete all the solo levels (including secret levels) in Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, and Myth II: Chimera, following at least four of the first six Laws, and exceeding at the Seventh.

Previous submissions to Myth Master Central will be counted, so a few people have a head start, but not by much! A few levels at the most, and those of you who've never even heard of MMC should be able to catch up easily.

So Vid those levels, send in those films, and early your place in Myth Master history!