Sunday April 25th 2004

Some New 'Stuff' for the Archives { Zandervix }

A huge thanks to Total Codex (Yes! He's still alive!). A few weeks back he sent me a few more items to add to our ever growing archive of lost treasures, which I hope to have a page for at some point. For now, search the last couple months of news for the previous items.

Anyhoo, the first thing he sent me was the TroSong, which he had rescued from the Myth II Handbook sight a good while back. I had actually forgotten about the TroSong. I think maybe I blocked it out from memory. When you hear it, you'll understand why. And probably go, "WTF?!" I know I do every time. Shoot me an e-mail me if you know the author.

Next up is a BNet Admin FAQ. This is supposedly a FAQ given to all Bnet admins in the latter days of BungieNet. The author is unknown, and as yet, the document is unverified. But I say, who cares, right? It seems kosher enough. Enjoy!