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Myth WA:
The Nest
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The Pack-Mage



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Mission Objective: Get Connacht and Damas to the southern road-alive.

Notable Quotes: "Thank you, my friend! You fight like a wolf!"

"Soulless! How can they be this far east!?"

"No time to speak. More devils approach!"

Notes:We see the new warlocks for the first time here, originally the Warlocks looked alot like the original sprites, but were changed because they didn't translate to models well. Also note the warrior shields, during production the symbol was a phoenix but near the end it changed to a lion. Even on the box it shows the phoenix.

July 16th, 1432 A.E., On the road through the forest of Talwhyn

The Emperor's fears were justified. Moagim, the faceless terror, had once again been reborn to this world. During the Age of Splendor, Moagim was the most powerful and wicked archmage in all the world. His insatiable lust for power brought war between the nations of humanity and his armies of undying. Even with his great powers, Moagim's army was defeated-his body being drawn and quartered. Yet, even in his death, he was still triumphant. His curse brought forth the Myrkridia into the world, leading to the downfall of civilization, and the end of the Age of Reason.

A millennia of darkness later, Moagim had returned to wage war on the lands of humanity once again. The Avatara of Llancarfan were unsure if this new threat was indeed Moagim Reborn or just an imposter using his name. Some began calling Moagim 'the Leveler'-a name that was understood by a very few at the time. Those that did know the true meaning of the term, shuddered at the very thought...

Traveling through the forested hills of Talwhyn, the contingent of Heron Guard escorted Connacht on their long journey towards the city of Llancarfan.

During the evenings around the camp fires, Damas would attempt to convey to Connacht the importance of his imperial summons. Connacht was always silent and dismissive; unimpressed by imperial titles or decrees. Damas became frustrated with the barbarian's less than civil attitudes and demeanor.

During one night, a distant wolf howled its worship of the moon, and to the guardsmen's surprise, Connacht answered the baying with a howl of his own. Incredulous, Damas stared at the wild man, doubting his sanity. Connacht, grinning a feral smile, only laughed at the astonished guardsmen and laid down to sleep.

A day later, not wishing to walk alongside a mad-man such as Connacht, Damas and a group of guardsmen scouted ahead of the contingent. The rain of the early day had stopped, and sun shined brightly on the forest. Strangely, there were no sounds of birds or animals that morning...

The following are the pregame pics for this level.
Pregame Pic
"Moagim, the faceless terror, had once again been reborn to this world. During the Age of Splendor, Moagim was the most powerful and wicked archmage in all the world."
Pregame Pic
"Traveling through the forested hills of Talwhyn, the contingent of Heron Guard escorted Connacht on their long journey towards the city of Llancarfan."
If you win this level you see

Victory Screen

    Escaping from the ambush, Connacht led the retinue southwards towards Llancarfan. Damas, having witnessed Connacht's battle prowess-and been saved from death by the man, swore his friendship and loyalty to the Wolf from Gower.

When you lose you see

Loss Screen

    The Nation of Gower blamed the Cath Bruig for Connacht's death, and never forgave them for the tragedy. War between the two nations was not far behind.

After you complete this level there is a cutscene. Here are the different scenes shown in the movie.
Scene 1 The Imperial Throne Room

Damas: My emperor.

Leitrim: Damas! Welcome back! I take it the wildlands were not too dangerous, eh?

Damas: Nothing we could not handle, my liege.

Scene 2 Leitrim: So this must be the barbarian we've heard so much about? Connacht is it?

Mjarin: Quite a savage, isn't he? He doesn't even know how to kneel.

Connacht: I do not kneel to any man.

Mjarin: Such insolence!

Leitrim: Hah! I see the two of you will get along splendidly. I am Emperor Leitrim. Your new friend over here is called Mjarin.

Mjarin: Imperial Advisor and High-Master of the Warlocks of Scholomance.

Connacht: You have called me here. Speak your questions.

Leitrim: To the heart of things. That is a good quality in a leader.

Mjarin: Or a dangerous one?

Scene 3 Leitrim: It appears that your countrymen have fought against the Myrkridia... and beat them back. As far as I know, no civilized nation has ever won such a fight. So I ask you: how did you accomplish this?

Connacht: You lose because you are fearful of them. They can smell it on you, and they will kill you for it. When the devils stare into your eyes, show them only your rage and your hate. Make them know that it is they who should be fearful of you.

Mjarin: Reckless words, even for a savage.

Damas: My liege, I have seen the strength with which he fights - he has a discipline that is rarely seen even in the ranks of the Heron Guard. I would gladly serve under his command.

Leitrim: Well spoke. Connacht, I am willing to give you command of a company of my finest soldiers. They will be yours to teach and lead into battle against our mutual enemies.

Scene 4 Connacht: And in return?

Leitrim: In return? What would you have from us then?

Connacht: Your word. If Gower is ever in danger of being attacked, by Moagim or any other, you will pledge to aid them. In return for this union, I will teach your men battle.

Mjarin: You do think highly of yourself! The aid of our armies for the teachings of one person? Why should we agree?

Connacht: Because you seek victory.

Leitrim: Hah! Your offer is agreed to. The Cath Bruig empire will provide protection for the Nation of Gower in return for your tutelage. Let us hope that you are even half as good as you believe you are!

Scene 4 Mjarin: My Emperor? I believe the troops would object to being led by such a disheveled and unkempt wildman.

Leitrim: Hmm... you are right. You will need a civil appearance. Shave that face of hair and you can begin your training by the morrow.

Connacht: My appearance is my own.

Leitrim: Still, you need to earn the respect of your men.

Connacht: I will make them respect my command.

Mjarin: This obstinacy is intolerable!

Leitrim: Connacht, as a general in my army, you will have to obey my commands. So please, shave and dress appropriately for your charge, will you?

Connacht: I will do this... my emperor.

Myth WA:
The Nest
Index Myth WA:
The Pack-Mage

Written and compiled by Gholsbane and transcribed by zeph.

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