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Pools of Iron
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Tuesday July 21, The Fortress

Alric's plan is a mad one.

One of the many strange things we found while trapped inside the Tain was the shredded battle standard of that long dead race of evil creatures called the Myrkridia. I thought that we had left it behind, but someone must have climbed that horrible pile of skulls and brought it out with them when we escaped.

The Myrkridia were the most vicious servants of the Dark in another time, now long past, and Balor himself imprisoned them within the Tain. Or at least that's what Alric says. I'd always heard that the Myrkridia were hunted to extinction by Connacht, the great hero of the Wind Age.

Alric says Connacht and Balor are two different names for the same person. I think four months in the desert addled his mind. How could the greatest hero of the Wind Age, the king of Muirthemne during its Golden Age, become the greatest evil of our time?

Alric intends to approach within a hundred yards of the fortress, and raise the Myrkridian standard. Because of Balor's old enmity toward the Myrkridia, Alric is certain that this will so enrage Balor that he will come to deal with us himself.

All we have to do is plant the standard and wait.


Go to the Field Guide Entry documenting this level's easter eggs and points of interest with pictures.

Mission Objective: Lead reinforcements to Alric and protect him. Kill Balor.

Notes: Because this level is so heavily scripted, there are numerous ways to confuse Alric and Balor.

Notable Quote: "Kill him! KILL HIM!!"

Balor: "Where did you find that accursed thing, Alric, and what madness made you raise it here?"

Alric: "As a lesson in humility, Balor."

Balor: "Then I have a lesson for you as well."

Balor destroys the Myrkrdian standard.

Balor: "Join me or die, Alric! You cannot hope to win this battle."

Alric: "I do not need to win the battle, Balor, only to kill you."

Balor: "The rest of your legion has been destroyed, Alric. What more can you do with this handful of men?"

The following image is an actual pregame pic cut from the final release.
Beta Pic
Raising the flag at Iwo…er…Rhi'anon.

If you win this level you see Alric holding Balor's unmasked head aloft.

Victory Screen

If you lose you see balor executing your pethetic band of troops.

Loss Screen

    This is interesting. Notice the person below Balor's foot. There is no clue what race this guy is; it's impossible to tell, or else it is some race we haven't learned about. Then there is the issue of why he is happy to be under the iron foot of Balor. He appears to be noticeably smiling in case you couldn't tell.

Myth TFL:
Pools of Iron
Index Myth TFL:
The Great Devoid

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