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Myth TFL:
Across the Gjol
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River of Blood

The Dire Marsh


Thursday June 25, Near the Watcher's Camp

We retreated from the river into chaos. There was no time to write until the following day, when we finally left the swamp for drier ground in the north.

We held Soulblighter at the Gjol long enough to let Alric spring his trap on the Watcher. Turned out I was right about those arrows: Alric had been working on them since we entered the marsh two weeks ago, and they were tipped with fragments of bone from the Watcher's arm.

I sure wouldn't have wanted to get stuck with one, but apparently they turned the Watcher into stone, leaving him paralyzed and helpless.

But he didn't die. Thirty berserks chosen to accompany the archers tore through the enemy and piled the bodies of the dead at the Watcher's feet, but all were killed before they could deliver the final blow.

Rather than leave such a dangerous enemy behind us to be rescued, a hundred men have volunteered to return and smash him to fragments before help can arrive.


Go to the Field Guide Entry documenting this level's easter eggs and points of interest with pictures.

Mission Objective: Find the Watcher and shatter him.

Notes: The last Shade you fight in this level is Mazzarin. He must be repaying an old debt to the good guys, because he is the easiest Shade to defeat; he arrives already damaged and he has no Dispersal Dreams.

Notable Quote: "What the hell! Where'd he go?"

The following image is an actual pregame pic cut from the final release.

Beta Pic
"I sure wouldn’t have wanted to get stuck with one, but apparently they turned The Watcher into stone, leaving him paralyzed and helpless."

And there he is...

If you win this level you see a warrior standing in the rain.

Victory Screen

    Wasn't this a scene in a movie? Braveheart maybe?

If you lose you see a ritual that we know nothing about, heh.

Loss Screen

    These humans are getting ready to be skewered as their fallen comrades were skewered before them. These can be seen in game on this level. I'll try to get snaps of them for those of you that missed it.

This is the second time they've used that victory screen and the third time they've used the loss screen. Those lazy basterds :-p

Myth TFL:
Across the Gjol
Index Myth TFL:
River of Blood

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