News Archive for May 2004

Thursday May 27th

Tales of Redemption { Gholsbane }

Jonathan Goss, the latest writer to grace our Fan Fiction pages, has turned in the first two parts of his Tales of Redemption series:

Makes me want to fire up Redemption again. Keep up the good work guys.

Sunday May 23rd

The Ramparts { Gholsbane }

Dustin continues his excellent Rain Ghosts series in the fan fiction setcion (sorry for the delay on this one buddy.) Yet another good read.

Remember, you can leave comments on the fan fiction pieces by following the links at the top of their pages. I'm sure Dustin and other would appreciate the feedback.

Myth Development Update { Gholsbane }

Myth II

First up, you should all grab the latest Myth II update from Project Magma. This is the final candidate for the 1.5 release and needs to be battered with tests; this may well be your last chance to voice any issues you may have with Myth II as it stands now. There should be very few bugs outstanding, but if you come across any, make sure you submit them to the bug tracker so they can be resolved once and for all.

Please note that this release is not compatible with any previous version of Myth so if you're seeing red games, make sure everyone is using the final candidate.

The final 1.5 update is expected to be released very soon after this final candidate testing period, so it would be extremely helpful if you took part now.

Myth III

Secondly, Project Magma have recently announced that they are swinging focus back to Myth III, with a brand new build that brings it up to speed with improvements to the Myth engine made during Myth II development.

So grab the update and start thinking about all the issues you have with Myth III. Be sure to log your concerns in the bug reporter or wishlist at

Ever since the game was launched, Myth III has lacked the one thing that could prolong its life: a usable map-making tool available to the whole community. For this reason, the Magma dev team will be mainly working on bringing such a tool to the masses, before moving on to focus on any outstanding issues with the game itself.

There's hope for The Wolf Age yet.

Tuesday May 11th

Wrath of the Journeyman { Gholsbane }

Lord Raven has resubmitted his fan fic from the old system: The Wound which Festers. Check it out for some great writing and the start of what may turn into a new series.

Just a reminder for those of you with pieces in the old system, I need you to resubmit anything you still want up on the site.

Oh and for those submitting pieces, make sure that your series name is correct (or blank if it's a one-off) before submitting. This includes the pop-up menu.

Familiar symbolism { Gholsbane }

So I expect most of you realised that the Halo 2 release date has been announced as November 9th. "Why is this relevant to Myth?", I hear you scream...

Why? Well, along with the announcement, Bungie released some pretty amazing screenshots of Halo 2 action, one of which prominently features a rather familiar symbol.

Too lazy to find out yourself? I thought so.

Here's a hint.

All very intriguing.

Update: For those coming from HBO who need that little bit of extra help, there's some further hintage to be found elsewhere

Monday May 10th

MWC 2k4 is Here! { Gholsbane }

It's that time of year again, and it looks like this'll be one to remember. Grim writes:

Once again Spring is reaching it's end and Summer is right around the corner, and so is this year's Myth World Cup! It's time to dust off your Myth2: Soulblighter CD and fire up the game. Because of last years surprisingly good turnout we are once again hosting this mother of all tournaments. I know you all are looking for a good excuse to get your myth back on, and here it is!

Head over to and register your team! And why wouldn't you? This year we have a $1000 prize for the winning team! It is the biggest prize ever that's been given away in a Myth tournament and also probably one of the best available in any internet gaming tournament. And if that isn't enough, we also have some other monetary and Myth related prizes available.

So go to the MWC 2004 website and register. Don't forget to stop by at to get the required plug-ins to play Myth online.

Good luck, and let the carnage begin!

You heard the man, let's get this thing rolling! You have 20 days to register and it looks like things will kick off around the end of May or the beginning of June.

Oh and make sure you are well prepared before entering any games this time... good luck all!

Tuesday May 4th

Magma Release Second 1.5 Public Beta { Gholsbane }

With suitable pomp, Project Magma have unleashed the second public beta of the soon-to-ship version 1.5 of Myth II.

The developers encourage you to submit any bug reports to their Bug Tracker or post to their Forum for help.

IMPORTANT: Please submit films with any reports of in-game bugs, even if you think they won't help. The team have a lot of diagnostic tools that help them find out more about bugs and fix them without having to try to reproduce the issues themselves.

Change lists are available here:

Note: 1.5 Public Beta #2 is incompatible with any previous version of Myth, including the first public beta. All non PB2 multiplayer games will appear red when you run it.

Rain Ghosts Part II { Gholsbane }

Dustin Geeraert submitted part II of his ongoing series today. Enjoy it:

In future, we'll post fan fiction updates weekly to give you more to mull over at a time.

New Fan Fiction { Gholsbane }

Our first new submission to the fan fiction section has been approved. Check out part I of Dustin Geeraert's Rain Ghosts series and be sure to post any comments for him with the linked form. Stay tuned for more installments soon.

I've also added the two pieces of Journal Fiction I wrote for the old section, and I encourage anyone who had any stuff in there to resubmit it here if you still want it on the site.