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Sunday February 22nd

TFL Tourney Announced { Zandervix }

From Dc80s:

There is going to be a TFL tournament on Marius that is being put together by the PS clan and I. It's going to take place on March 20 at 4PM Eastern Standard Time. In between each game there will be a 10 minute break so you can make substitutes, go to the bathroom, etc. There may be neutral hosts available. I'll know more about this later on depending on which clans come. Game lengths will be between 16-20 minutes, but the neutral host can decide this. It's going to be double elimination meaning that if you lose one you get to be put in the battle for third place bracket. The maps and game types are as follows: Trow - Body Count, Desert - Territories, Creep - Capture The Flag, Rest In Pieces(Light Variant) - Last Man On The Hill, and Ground Zero(Light Variant) - Flag Rally. Trow, Desert, and Creep are going to be 4 versus 4. Ground Zero and Rest In Pieces are going to be 3 versus 3. There isn't going to be allowed in the tournament cb, cl, or ck, and reflect only allowed to kill the Souls in the water. If any team is caught cheating they will be disqualified from the tournament. I hope some of you guys can make it. This tournament is going to take more than one day so I will need to contact PS to see when the second day of the tournament will be. My guess is that it will be March 27 at 4PM Eastern Standard Time to keep things simple. If you have any questions let me know or you can contact the PS clan with the link I have provided.

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