News Archive for September 2003

Friday September 26th

Magma Release Updates { Gholsbane }

Two recent major releases from Project Magma receive updates today to address issues brought up after their initial unveiling.

Make sure you download the small updaters for Blue & Grey and The Fallen Levels now to avoid OOS errors when you play online. Also, surprisingly enough, you'll notice fewer issues in single player.

If on the other hand, you haven't yet downloaded either of these at all, I recommend you shimmy on over there sharpish to find out what you've been missing out on.

Thanks to Doobie for the heads up

Saturday September 20th

MythBrowser v1.81 Released { Zandervix }

Kelstek sends us this latest news:

MythBrowser v1.81 is a free cross-service browser for the and matching servers for the Myth series of games.

Version 1.81 incorporates a wealth of new features, allowing you to customize your MythBrowser experience.

You can download an OS X and/or a Windows version here:

Note: The OS X version *requires* you install:

Comments are welcome at: duezm at ils dot unc dot edu

Friday September 12th

Spond!Max's Farewell { Zandervix }

This came from Spond!Max, who I'm sure you all know from the MythDev/PlayMyth team:

It's about that time. I've been thinking for about some time now about packing it in and saying goodbye to Myth to return to what I was doing before it came along. I never was a gamer before. No Nintendo, no Atari, nothing like that. I always liked Risk and chess, but that was just for rainy days. Never considered putting a game on our computer. It was for educational purposes only. I got involved with Myth originaly while working at a big national ISP as a systems/network/database guy. This was before the dot-com boom and all that, when these things were separated out. We were called "Computer Operators" then. A customer of ours who was a TFL beta tester complained of poor network latency on his brand new top-of-the-line 33.6k modem. I couldn't help the guy, but promised that as soon as a demo or the full version was available, I'd check it out on one of the machines in the lab. Online gaming was pretty new, so we thought that the best way to troubleshoot was to see the relationship between the game and the network. I wound up testing ... a lot. I actually got paid for my first few hundred Myth games on

Now here I am, years later, tons of hours spent on community stuff. Stuff I've gotten thanks for, and I know people appreciated, and some which others didn't like so much. Goes to show you can't please everyone. Still, I was compelled to try, and I had fun doing it all. I learned a lot about other cultures, other political systems, other belief systems, and all kinds of stuff due to the thousands of players I've interacted with over the years from all corners of the globe.

I've learned new words like 'stratergery' and 'floyn' and 'zerk'. I've learned new meanings for phrases like 'carpet bombing' and 'fetch clapping' and 'gimble in the wabe'. I've seen the best human qualities come out, like when we all rallied in support of King Friday with his battle with cancer, Ar-Isildur with his, and Chia with his car wreck, and many more examples. I've mourned with players after the loss of loved ones. We've lost players and mourned. My daughter has found love playing Myth. I even like the kid (fathers of little girls will appreciate that). Friendships have been formed which last and last.

All of this I've seen and experienced with a keyboard, a mouse, a computer, and a piece of software put out by Bungie. This still boggles my mind. It's just ones and zeros arranged in such a way to make an environment populated by monsters, within which people from all over the world can interact. It's so much more though, and there are plans which are being carried out even now to further enhnace and expand the Myth universe. I have no doubt that the game will return to it's former glory, and a lot of the 'old guard' will return.

My plans don't include -the- plans though. Mine are to go back to my studies, picking up where I left off years ago. I've enjoyed staffing the numerous tourneys, and staffing at various community entities over the years. However, I think I've done enough, and it's time to stop ignoring my studies which I had put 20 years into before I started along this merry journey. It's good to see the community survive still, and to know that it will continue to survive and much more. I wish -everyone- ... the reggers, the g's, the wwii'ers, TFLers, SBers, TWAers, coop'ers, mapmakers, scripters, and all those who can find the time to enjoy all of the above and more, all the folks I've worked with, and even anyone who I called bad names, all the best, gl n hf. Treat each other well. Peace.

Spond! -what a long strange trip it's been- Max

News from The Mill { Gholsbane }

A couple of noteworthy items have appeared on the Mill over the last few days. First of all, the projects that were removed from the Mill's archive some weeks ago have become available from their servers once again. We should be grateful that Fileball is still offering such a great service and hopeful that any bad blood can be left behind in a new era of community cooperation... ahem.

Next up, a new poll has emerged on the Mill front page asking you what new development you'd like to see for the Myth series. Some mighty nifty options available there, make your voice heard!

MythDev Beta Campaign { Gholsbane }

MythDevelopers are looking for hordes of beta testers to poke their projects in new and revolutionary ways. If you feel you're up to the task of methodically testing upcoming MythDev efforts and reporting on anything that looks out of place, head on over to the Contact page on their website to sign up. Make sure you check out their announcement first though.

Tuesday September 9th

New Project Magma Releases! { Zandervix }

From the newswire:

Project Magma is proud to present our latest releases for Myth II Soulblighter:

- Blue and Grey, an incredibly comprehensive Civil War conversion by IronDuke and Teepens,

- Carnage Islands / Special Forces, a plugin using the Green Berets units by Ozone,

- The Fallen Levels, a painstakingly accurate port of the all of the Myth: TFL soloplayer levels to Myth II: Soulblighter.

All of these projects are available for download on our downloads page at

We are also pleased to announce the unveiling of a couple of other projects currently in development. Namely, The Siege of Or'Garnen, and our first offering for Myth III: The Wolf Age, WWIIi by khrome. More information on these projects can be obtained by visiting their respective pages linked to from our downloads page.

Tuesday September 2nd

No News is Good News? { Zandervix }

Whenever we do a news bit at the beginning of a month, the site automatically archives the previous month. It also seems our auto-backup system (when it backs-up) tricks the system into thinking that a new news bit has been posted, as happened a few hours ago. Since it happened to roll at the beginning of the month, it automatically archived the previous month. This caused no news to be shown. Well, I just have a hard time letting that go. So, here's just something to fill the void for now.