News Archive for July 2003

Tuesday July 15th

Delayed Postings { Gholsbane }

Things have been hectic here lately so sorry for the massive lateness of this news.

First of all, the second public beta for Myth 2 1.4.1 has been released by the Magma team and is available to download along with some new information on their site.

Things are also progressing nicely for Myth III with the release of a new 1.2 dev build [193]. Downloads and an update status are available courtesy of MythDev.

Wednesday July 9th

PlayMyth News Fun { Gholsbane }

Quite a few items from the ole meta server since the last update. Here's a nice broad sweep.

Development continues on all fronts with new support for TFL in the works as well as new builds of SB and Myth III appearing over the horizon.

Tournament news is coming in thick and fast. And nicely timed to coincide with MWC's conclusion in a few weeks. First mention is the oPoP FFA, which is well, an FFA tourney that will hopefully pit 96 players against each other in bloody slaughter. Sounds dandy.

Next up is a GFGG tourney that seems to be having some website issues. You can try to sign up here but it may not load properly on some browsers.

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