News Archive for June 2003

Friday June 27th

1.4.1b Now Available { Gholsbane }

Project Magma have released the 1.4.1 patch update onto the public beta circuit. You can now test the patch for any last bugs and have your say on what needs fixing. Check out the download page for details of changes since 1.4 and bug reporting instructions.

NOTE: Version 1.4.1 is not compatible with any previous versions of Myth 2 including 1.4 so you're likely to see quite a few red games if you play online. Make sure you find others who have the beta installed when testing multiplayer games.

Sunday June 22nd

What is Myth? { Gholsbane } have a cracking new intro up on their site. Entitled "What is Myth?", this short flash movie showcases Myth 3 in a way that makes me want to dig out the old CD again. Definitely worth a watch, expecially if you need something to convince your friends of Myth's l33tness.

Friday June 20th

Myth 3 Development Builds { Gholsbane }

MythDev have released the current 1.2 development builds for Myth 3. Presumably these the will be updated as new builds become available so you can track the progress being made on the pathc.

If you encounter bugs in any of these builds you can now report them to MytDev through their new system. Be sure to fill in all the fields and include as much detail as possible to help the developers address the issues quickly.

Monday June 16th

Myth 2 and 3 Development { Gholsbane }

Work progresses as usual on the MythDevelopers campus. New versions of both the Myth II and III projects are currently being worked on and Soulblighter 1.4.1 should enter testing within the week.

Plans for Myth III 1.2 have also been announced while the tentative release date rests at July 22nd. Keep your eye on PlayMyth, Project Magma and MythDev in the coming weeks for more update goodness.

Friday June 13th

WinFear 1.2.3 Available { Gholsbane }

On Project Magma's 1.4 info page you can now find an update to the Windows version of Fear. This brings new features to the PC that were only available on the Mac version till now. The 1.4 FAQ has also received a minor update.

Thursday June 12th

Iron Duke Interviewed by IMG { Gholsbane }

In recognition of his hard work on Myth 2 1.4, Iron Duke has been interviewed by the good folks at Inside Mac Games. Within, he discusses his history with Myth and at Project Magma, and explains how he got the job of updating a five year old game. A great read and insight into future Magma developments with Iron at the helm.

Tuesday June 10th

Party, Tourney and Patch { Gholsbane }

After a slow few days, PlayMyth are reporting on all things Myth III.

First up, will be hosting a M3 party this weekend on Friday and Saturday night. This is a good chance to brush up on you m4d sk1llz for an upcoming Myth III tournament that will be held after MWC2k3 has concluded. Tasty goodies are being promised for the winners

You thought the 1.1 patch was the answer to all Myth III's worries? Well, it seems you were wrong as Mythdev are planning a 1.2 patch. Details will be forthcoming over the next couple of weeks.

Things are looking good for The Wolf Age.

Thursday June 5th

Melee Change Poll { Gholsbane }

There has been a lot of controversy recently surrounding the 1.4 patch, especially concerning a change made to the behaviour of melee units. PlayMyth are running a poll to gauge the community's reaction to this change, so that the Project Magma team can act accordingly in a possible update.

Be sure to vote and voice your opinion before the 9th of June.

Tuesday June 3rd

Myth II Patch Released { Gholsbane }

The Myth II 1.4 patch has finally been released by the hard working members of Project Magma. Scores of updates and bug squashes have been made that are fully described on the website. Make sure you grab your copy fast to get in on the action before the community floods over the download mirrors.

Update: Most of the accompanying plugins are now available. The TFL Solopack, Blue & Grey and TSG: Redemption are still either coming Soon™ or Later™

Monday June 2nd

MWC 2003 Kicks Off { Gholsbane }

This year's Myth World Cup is starting this week so get your teams prepared to spill some blood in your respective brackets.

Note: When the 1.4 patch is released, all tournament players must upgrade before continuing their path to glory. Good luck everyone!

1.4 Patch at Midnight { Gholsbane }

Iron dropped by the Asylum to confirm that the patch will be ready and available for download at 12am on Tuesday morning. That's tomorrow! Or tonight...