News Archive for January 2003

Friday January 31st

SB Night on Mariusnet { Zandervix }

Simple enough for ya?

Tuesday January 28th

Halo Art Contest Hosted by H.B.O. { Zandervix }

No, not Home Box Office. I'm talkin' about Halo @ Bungie dot Org (actually, more specifically, Bungie.Org is hosting a HALO art contest). They've (we've) got an art contest all set up with some neat prizes. But I'm not gonna tell you all about it, nuh-uh. You just need to see for yourself. Go check out the Pillar of Art contest.

PlayMyth Teases With News of Myth III { Zandervix }

I'm just gonna take it easy, and let Blades tell ya' about it:

To see a nice screen shot, click here

I think it's time to start talking once again about Myth 3. We're getting close to a solution for getting Myth 3 on the game server and by looking at the screen shot above, you can see we're getting somewhere! :)

As it stands now, we're able to get Myth 3 to connect to the server, we're able to see who is in the room, what games are in the room and see in-room chat. We're not yet able to actually talk (chat) yet, but that is coming very soon. We're also able to host games even though there are some minor issues to be fixed with actually being able to host, play and re-connect to the server.

We do not have a timetable yet, but we hope to have some more news soon so we can begin getting people online with us to begin testing.

That's pretty much it for this update. Any questions can be directed to

Monday January 27th

Baak's Unit Guide { Zandervix }

Baak does it again. The creator of the Server Swapper has just created a comprehensive list of Myth II Units that includes things such as: Speed, Vitality, Range, and Cost. He's also included a picture of each one for the memory challenged. Check it out at Baak's Unit Guide.

Sunday January 19th

Fan Creations Submissions { Gholsbane }

As I will soon be revamping the Fan Creations section of Misc, I'm asking anyone who has posted or is thinking of posting a piece of writing relating to Myth to email me the piece. If I have already added it to the collection, you don't need to bother but please do for all future submissions. This step will make it far easier for me to add everything once the update is done.

Wednesday January 1th

New Year { Gholsbane }

So it's now 2003. Um. That's not that amazing. Personally I'm looking forward to Chinese New Year. Then we get the big fireworks. They rock. So meanwhile, you should do some stuff.

What I mean to say is Happy New Year. I think.