News Archive for May 2002

Thursday May 30th

Tournament of Kings Registration { Zandervix }

Registration for the Tournament of Kings 2v2 tournament is now open. Go to the ToK website to sign up and get the rules.

Monday May 27th

The Package Has You Covered { Zandervix }

The Package announced their new home today ( One of the biggest things about their site is their complete coverage of WWII maps. If you've been having trouble tracking these maps down, The Package has 'em!

Saturday May 25th

Taliesin Downs 2 Released for MWA { Zandervix }

Taliesin Downs 2 is supposedly the first 3rd party solo map for Myth 3:TWA. You can get it at MythMaps or from this direct link.

STORYLINE1000 yrs into the future our hero, connal, searches for a wizard the Wathcer's sword lost during the great war.He is forced to turn against a dwarven regiment of airships and paratroopers and so enters our hero escaping into Taliesin downs 2

Die2002 Tournament Opens Today { Zandervix }

Simply, check out Die Inc for all the news and happenings on this tournament.

MariusNet Leaderboard Update { Zandervix }

This was posted on MythForums in regards to the Myth 2 Leaderboard for MariusNet:

In the Custom Search portion of the Myth2 Leaderboard you can now sort out WW2 games and games where the person wasn't the host.

Find out who is REALLY good, not just who's good on just their own host !
And this:

Ever try to remember how you did in that one game on tuesday of last week but you don't have the film to go back and look at it ?

Now you can (kinda). While we can't provide the actual film for you, we can show you all the stats for all your games, completely broken down and displayed for you in a nice, easy to use and read format.

Head on over to the Myth2 Leaderboard , do a lookup on your Mariusnet login and click the link that says Complete Game Report/List.

Now sit back and be amazed.

Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

A site that was pointed out here in the Asylum not too long ago was Myth Clips. This site contains pictures and screenshots of all your favorite units. There is also a section of Myth logos that can be seen on many websites in the community. While you're there don't forget to check out all the extras. Enjoy!

Thursday May 23rd

Tolkien Section Up! { Gholsbane }

I finally managed to redo the J.R.R. Tolkien Legends and Lore article in Relics. I've covered most of the connections I think. Check it out and post any corrections to The Asylum.

Monday May 20th

Last Chance to Enter Die2002 Tourny { Zandervix }

The Die2002 Tournament is opening on the 25 of this week. For those of you haven't registered, or just want to know whats going on, check out DieInc.

Thursday May 16th

MOS Analyzes the Server Competition { Zandervix }

The Ministry of Security has posted an editorial on the differences between PlayMyth and MariusNet and the competition between the two. Go check it out! And while you're there, see what else the MOS has to offer on their site.

MariusNet Registration and TFL Night { Zandervix }

For those of you who still don't have an account at MariusNet head on over as the registration will be open for this weekend.

Also, for you TFL freaks, tonight is TFL night.

Wednesday May 15th

Mid-Week Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

A few weeks ago, I picked The Gates of Covenant for the week's pick. However, there is one area of that site that you might have overlooked. That is the Top Ten lists. Some of the funniest stuff I've ever read for Myth. Go check 'em out!
(Thanks to PPE for pointing this out!)

Sunday May 12th

New Messaging Feature at MariusNet { Zandervix }

MariusNet has been pulling out all the stops recently. Do I smell a "server war" here? Here's the scoop on the new messaging system from Marius:

Just installed a new server this morning implementing a new messaging system. You can now send people email-like messages when they're offline, or in a game, or even in another room (as if that ever happens). When you login, or return from a game, you'll be notified that you have new messages. And of course, there are also the gratuitous blocking functions if somebody is spamming you or otherwise being annoying.

We ran out of room in .help to list all the commands, so use ".help 2" to see them. If things are unclear post on the forum and we can provide some more detailed examples.

Saturday May 11th

It's Been a While... { Zandervix }

Was just over checking out the HelpDavePindrys site, and noticed this in the guestbook from Dave's mom:

Hi everyone, I thought it was time for an update ..Dave is doing so well. He is looking forward to going back to school in the fall, He is walking with out a cane!! What a miracle kid!! We are so proud of him, he has worked so hard to come back to us, I can't tell you all how good it is to see him on the computer again. I know that all the support he has recieved from all of you has been such a huge part of his recovery. Dave, I know you will be reading this....I love you so much and thank God every day that you are going to be well. My love to everyone Pam

Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

This week I bring you another collection of sites, though not quite the list as last time. There are four sites that I thought I would mention this time around. All of them have some good resources and information on Myth (as well as some humor); and all four are part of our past. So go, check out a piece of Myth History!

Myth Place
Duck Hunter's Myth
Aldur's Temple of Myth
J.J.'s Myth Page

Friday May 10th

MariusNet Now Has Ranked For SB { Zandervix }

MariusNet just keeps on chugging along. Here's the news from Conner:

Well, if you happen to log into mariusnet on SB, you will now notice a few things. First is the ranked rooms are on. No this isn't a late April Fools joke, this is the real deal - almost exactly like the TFL ranked rooms. Head here for more info about it. You can view the leaderboard online at MythForums (thanks PPE!!!). Works more or less like the TFL Ranking, enjoy.

PlayMyth Re-Opens Registration { Zandervix }

'Nuff said. Go to PlayMyth.

Thursday May 9th

Vengeance for Mac? { Zandervix }

This was posted by Blades Olivia over at MythMaps:

If you need a Macintosh version of Vengence to make maps for Myth 3 and have the know-how and skill to do so - then we NEED to hear from you. We've found a way to get Vengence developed for Macintosh that will get it work at least as well as the PC version - meaning you can create and edit maps to create your own worlds. We need to get a list of at least 50 people working off Macintosh computers who have the software and talent required to do make a map for Myth three.

Please send an email to: with the following information:

1. Your name (online name is good enough).
2. The kind of Mac you have.
3. Your email address.
4. A list of any Myth TFL or Myth 2 maps that you have made
5. State that you want to make a map or maps for myth 3 but cannot because you lack a tool.

I know it sounds funny, but I need the information in this list. Please get this to us as soon as possible so we can do the rest! This may be our last best chance to get an M3 tool developed for Macintosh users in the community.

Wednesday May 8th

Renaissance Revamps { Zandervix }

The Renaissance mapmaking group is boasting a fresh new look and new features to their site. Go check 'em out!

PlayMyth Suspends Registration { Zandervix }

Why can't people just follow the rules? Here's the skinny from PlayMyth:

The issue of people ghosting on the game server, getting banned, making a new account and doing it again has prompted us to shut down the User Creation area for the short term. Please be patient as we're addressing the issues to continue providing this service to you.

Note if you're tempted to try ghosting, your account will be locked upon discovery. No questions, no chance of reinstatement. Thou shalt not cause instability on

Note: Normal usage of the server, afk time etc, doesn't show the same way. Put it this way: if you're using the server the way you're intended to, then you have nothing to fear.

MariusNet Update { Zandervix }

Marius posted this over at MariusNet:

Had some extra time yesterday, as well as some motivation, and viola, anybody still playing on SB can now use the built in buddy list. It may not be 100% bug free since I didn't test it alot, but it seems to work fairly well. The buddy list dot commands continue to work as well and your existing buddy list built with those commands is the same list that will show up in the buddy window. Enjoy.

Oh, and for those who would accuse us of trying to compete with, well, my todo list is alot older than they are :)

Tuesday May 7th

Bungie Store Re-Opens! { Zandervix }

Holy Smokes! I almost would have never thought it possible. Here I thought that the promise of the store re-opening was like the old promise of bringing back the Bungie.Net TFL server. But they did it, they actually did it. Head on over to The Bungie Store and check out all the goodies!

Wednesday May 1th

Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

Updated 5/6/02 with 3 new sites!

For the Pick this week, I bring you a gaggle of order and mapmaking sites. Through some exhaustive research I have compiled this list, however, I know that it is probably far from complete. If you know of any sites that you do not see here, please let me know, and I will include them in an update soon. Some of these sites are still active, while many are now just left as visions of the past. Enjoy!

6 Feet Under
9th Circle of Hell
the 37
the 47 [r]onin
Acid Lords
Airborne Rangers
Amen (Swedish Meatballs)
Ancient Myth Clan
Army of the Four
Bloodied Axe
The Brotherhood of BoB
Champions of Darkness
Civil Order
Clan Canada
Clan MacGaming
Clan Mage
Clan Ramone
The Crazy Ones
Cross of Valor
The Crows Clan
Dark Angels
David Eddings Order
Death's Jesters
Die, Inc.
D.O.R.F. - Dwarven Organiztaion of Riot Freaks
Dragon Army Order
Drink on Your Graves
Dwarven Firestarters
Dwarven Mafia
Even Idiots can Win
Evil Order
Eye of the World
The Fellowship of Stoneheim
Five Deadly Venoms
First Exodus
Fratricidia of the Frenzied Asp
French Free Frogs
Geezers From Hell
Ghols in the Shell
Half Life - Counter Strike
Havin' a blast
Harajuku Drinkers
Heroes of Legend
High Plains Drifta's
Horde of Doom
The Inquisitive Spaniards
Inmates of the Asylum
Kings of Aesir
Knights of Azur
Knights of Myth
Knights of the Raven
Knights of Precision
Knights of the Apocalypse
Legendary Warriors
Legion of the Avatara
The Long Patrol
Lords of the Night
Los Chulos
Mac Gamers Guild
Madrigal Chamber of Commerce
Marine Recon
Mercenaries of Light
Mercenaries of Light 2
Men of Rohan
Mjolinar Recon
Moogles of Greatness
Muirthemne Militia
Myrgard Liberation Front
Myth Gods of Battle
Myth Rebels
Mything in Action
Northern Paladins
Obsidian Fists
Order Me another Guinness
Orgasmic Hamsters
Original Myth Clan
Omega 6
The Package
Patriots of Braveheart
Pirates of Renowned Notoriety
Regular Order of Fries
Random Oblivion
Rightful Oppressors
Servants of the Valor
Shoalin's Disciples
Snap, Krackle, DIE!
Soulless Spartans
Spanish Inquisition
State of the Art
Swedish Bastard Squad
Tank Clan
Team Armada
Toilet Paper
Tripple Nipple
Tyranny of Doom
Victorious Grizzlies
Vincere aut Mori
War Room
Young Angry Revolutionaries

The Mapmakers
Cartographers of Myth
Project Magma
Smiths of Muirthemne
They Might Be Mapmakers
Vista Cartel
Wraith Squadron
Each major tournament also had a mini-page for each team that participated. You can check them out here:

Myth World Cup 98
Myth World Cup 99
Myth World Cup 2000
Myth World Cup 2001
Major League Myth