News Archive for May 1999

Friday May 28th

Krids = Jjaro? Nah... { Pie-rat }

In the source, the message "the mmyrkridia [sic] were at tau ceti" is displayed.

Longtime Marathon fans will recognize this as an allusion to the hidden message on a certain Marathon map, "Jjaro were at Tau Ceti." Is the bastardization of this an inside joke? Subliminal reference?

Or perhaps something more...a closer step to the tru7h?


MaraMyth Public Beta Map { Pie-rat }

ApplemanG3 gives us word that the MaraMyth Project has released their first public beta map.

The MaraMyth Project is Total Conversion for Myth 2 that will give you the characters and scenarios from Bungie's Marathon. If this scenario is completed, it will add a whole new dimension to both Myth and Marathon.

Download the map at the Hotline server at Subliminal Messages { Pie-rat }

Well, after a brief Blam! message a while ago, then a ad, has yet another enigmatic message.

What do you think it means? Perhaps a reference to the recent Blam! craze? (Well...two sites is a start!) Something to tease your brain.

For more Blam! information check

Thursday May 27th

MWC '99 Prizes Announced { Pie-rat }

The Prizes for this year's Myth World Cup have been announced. See what the lucky winners will get here.

Good luck to all those entered!

Warning! Warning! { Pie-rat }

There have been reports of a BOGUS MYTH 2 PATCH floating around the net. It claims to be a cheater for the PC version of Myth 2 that allows you to view all units on the overhead map and give you super units.

Instead of doing this, it actually MODIFIES SYSTEM FILES (not something you want happening). The "patch" contains the BackDoor-G trojan horse. Luckily, if you have the newest virus definition file for McAfee, the trojan horse can be found and exterminated. If you have already been infected before removing BackDoor-G, you should change all of your current passwords after exterminating it (the trojan horse gathers password information).

Blam! { Pie-rat }

For those of you who didn't know (or have had your head stuck in the sand for the last couple of weeks), Blam! is the new in-progress Bungie game (along with Oni and The Mac Action Sack). Been wondering what those weird symbols were at the Myth Codex and (before the banner was put up) sites were? Well, duh...

Be sure to check out Blam at for more Blam! info. Also, take a look at the Core, the Codex guys' latest creation.

Wanna learn more about Blam!? Check out Marathon's Story Page...Hamish has been getting all sorts of weird mail lately (as if he didn't normally).

Wednesday May 26th

Amber 2.0 beta 5 Released { Pie-rat }

Amber, the Myth editor that's been around for a reeeeealy long time, just got better.

Version 2.0b5 has been go get it and make some killer maps!

Myth II 1.3 Info { Pie-rat }

The Townhall has received from information from DeathWhore concerning Bungie's upcoming Myth 2 v1.3 patch. Less chat lag, no room switching crashes, and less plugin lag are some of the highlights.

Check out The Townhall for the full message from DeathWhore.

Tuesday May 25th

1st Annual GeezerStock West { Pie-rat }

Just got this from Thumper:

On May 20-23, 9 members of the Geezers from Hell met in Tucson, Arizona for the first annual GeezerStock West. Highlights of the weekend included food, festivites, sightseeing and, of course, LAN Myth2 action. I have a set of pages up with photos illustrating the fun, but not all of site is complete yet.
Check out their page (with photos n' stuff) here.

Monday May 24th

MWC '99 Ready for Registration { Pie-rat }

It has begun.

The Myth World Cup, that is. Ninety-six teams will duke it out until one emerges victorious...that one team could be yours!

Head on over to the official MWC '99 site...then register here.

Sunday May 23rd

Hotliners Find New Addiction... { Ig98 }

Two popular Myth servers (well, now that Clan Plaid HL has been down for a while) have gotten most of their users addicted to an Online MUD (multi-user dungeon) called Medievia. Currently one of the largest MUDs out there, Medievia has attacked the Myth Hotline world like a virus, and is unlikely to go away anytime soon. Currently the servers that play this the most are WunderLand HL at (Wunderland will be pretty much down after the 25th, so hurry up and go there now) and's hotline server at For more information on what Medievia is, and how to get started go to Medievia's web site.

New Myth Site { Pie-rat }

Just talked to HardWare on #bungie. He told me about his new Myth site, myth2 2000.

So I checked it out. Not bad! It's (in his own words) "an all-around myth2 site" with news coverage, strategy, a Q&A/FAQ section, and Myth tools info. Nice design.

Anyway, check out myth2 2000 here.

Spell Check Run { Pie-rat }

We recently ran a spell check on the whole site...we have concluded that Joshstar cannot spell.

Aside from that, however, I would like to ask you to mail me if you find any more spelling errors -- I know I didn't catch them all.


Saturday May 22nd

Updated News Script! { Pie-rat }

You may have noticed something different about this post.

That's right, we now have an automated name/time stamp on every post. Woohoo! Now we'll see who's slacking and who's not. Supreme thanks and worship to Claude (cae) for writing the damn thing.

Friday May 21st


Check out this interesting list of release dates...Myth 3 is listed as being released the 2nd Quarter of 2000!

Thanks to Mythology for spotting this.

Bungie Posts E3 Photos

Well, looks like the Bungie guys are back from showing off Oni to the likes of Steven Spielberg at E3, and they've posted some pictures from their trip. Check 'em out here. Advertizes Mill Top 7's very own Mill has just gotten a boost from Run [Don't walk] over there now and see if you can be the first in your dorm to spot the trendy new Mill Top 7 quicklist in's sidebar goodies. Download your plugins today.

TSR Dragon Mag features Myth D&D Units

Freewill relays to BORG that Dragon Magazine, the TSR roleplaying magazine is featuring FOUR Myth dark units in their "Dragon's Bestiary" column.

He recall that three of the units are Fetch, Ghol, and Trow, but he doesn't know what the fourth is. He then goes on to explain the Beastiary column as a place for non-D&D units to be converted to the TSR universe. So in Dragon Magazine issue #261 you'll be able to see how many hit points a Trow is given and how fast a ghol attacks. This issue will hit the stands in late June. I couldn't find any of this on the Dragon homepage you'll have to get the magazine.

Wednesday May 19th

Forest Giants are coming to Myth II

That's right. GodzFire, the creator of the Myth 2 Balor Conversion, is hard at work porting Forest Giants over from Myth to Myth 2, and he'll post his results to The Mill when he's done.

Keep your eyes open.

The Future of Baron's Keep Poll

The Baron's Keep, an excellent map archive, is having a poll.

With the arrival of The Mill, the TBK staff is wondering if there is enough support from the Myth community for them to continue the site.

Do you want TBK to stay? Do you want it to leave? Do you not care one way or another? Go to their site and vote.

Tuesday May 18th


You thought the Codex was dead...but Ferrex n' Case have a very otherworldy knack for resurrecting this baby. Check out The Myth Codex for a very spooky message.

Check out The Marathon Story Page for more info on BLAM!

(No, I really meant "Blam!"'s not like I was trying to make it sound like somebody shot me mid-sentence.)


Myth II (Along with Railroad Tycoon II and other titles) is being ported to the Linux OS by Loki Entertainment Software. UPDATE: We have verified this rumor, check out LokiGames' press release here. Power to the proles!

Monday May 17th "Technical Difficulties"

You've probably noticed by 2 is down. The reason? Your guess is as good as mine.

Well, enjoy all the Oni coverage while it lasts. =)

Saturday May 15th

More E3 Reports by Freewill

Freewill has uncovered some more Bungie info at this year's E3 Expo. Check out The Townhall's special report on what Freewill found out.

Saw this at The Townhall. Duh.

Friday May 14th

Myth 2 World Cup Announced

Just got this PR from Butcher, manager of the Myth 2 World Cup tourney:

Remember the Myth World Cup? The largest team tournament for Myth:TFL, it broke new ground by providing detailed coverage of matches and an extensive statistics-tracking system. Many orders view it as one of the best tournaments of 1998.

This time around, the goal is to surpass MWC98 in every way. Some of the best organisers, writers and web designers in the community have been working for months behind the scenes. And we're almost ready.

Soon, very soon, the Myth World Cup will return once more. Featuring an enhanced double-elimination ladder, polished game and map choices, more detailed match reviewing and statistics, in-depth team and player analysis, an exciting new backstory that builds on the Myth II story, and some great prizes, it should be a lot of fun for both players and spectators.

If your order only plays in one Myth tournament this year, make it this one. Registration opens May 24.

Check out a secret letter from Alric that gives some background on the WC2 tourney here.

Bungie Unveils Two New Games

Freewill, aka Miguel Chavez, has done some research at E3...and it seems that Bungie is working on not one, but two new games. Aside from Oni, Bungie's new 3rd-person action/fighting game, Freewill reports on two new titles called Blam! and The Action Sack.

Check out Freewill's original message to The Townhall for more info. Webmaster Material

The folks over at have put a great collection of official Myth/Myth 2/Bungie/ logos and pictures for use on websites. Check out their collection of handy stuff here.

Clan Plaid Hotline Back Online

It was down. Now it's back up. End of story.

Thursday May 13th

Notice to Forum Users

The forums were just transferred to another machine...This could effect you due to internet jet lag -- Meaning if you you are unable to reach the forums today it is because the updated location have yet to reach your isp. Try back later -- they are up and fully working we promise.

Clan Plaid Hotline Server Down

The Clan Plaid hotline server, a large wealth of Myth files, is temporarily down. They expect to have it up and ready soon, though, so hold your horses!
Saw this at The Townhall.

BORG WebStar Search

If you are trying to find info on anything specific we'd like to call your attention to the powerful WebStar built in search form at the bottom of this index. It searches the entire content on all 120+ pages of the site in a matter of seconds, and uses the same technology used by MacOS8's Sherlock utility. Give it a spin, see what you can find. Automated News CGI

BEEEEEEEEEEP. This has been a test of the emergency broadcast program. Thanks to Claude we finally have a CGI to automate news posting for us. We now return you to your regular scheduled news postings.

Monday May 10th

'BC Everywhere' Tourney

The creators of the Forge, a very successful Myth 2 tourney that took place earlier, have announced a new tourney in progress, known as BC Everywhere. Check out their page to get more info and sign up!

'Culloden Hill' Tourney

Another tourney is also in progress. This one, called Culloden Hill, has already been signed up for by various orders, so you can't sign up, but you can get more info about the tourney anyway at their site. It's an order/platform war, with 32 orders socking it our for valor and honor. (Heh.)

Sunday May 9th

New Badlands Map Introduced

The Badlands, that ever-controversial Myth Mapmaking group, has just released a new map for your enjoyment, titled "Thaw Before The Storm." Check out the website here, and expect it at The Mill soon.

Cavalry Unit Tag Completed

Word is in that the anticipated cavalry tag for Myth 2 is completed and almost ready to go. Check out the tag (which was created by Craig Matchett) here.

Balor Unit Conversion

Apparently there is a project underway to bring Balor, that fun-loving fella from TFL, over to this side of the sequel line. Check out what The Mill has on the new Balor tag at this site.

Saturday May 8th

Myth Forums Opened

We are pleased to announce the openening of the Myth Forums at Bungie.Org. We intend for these forums to be the premier discussion areas for Myth fans worldwide.

We have four forums set up, with four different subject matters:

Have fun!

Bungie Posts Myth II Tools Link

Bungie Software has compiled a list of links for aspiring mapmakers out there...really handy. Check it out here. Kudos to The Townhall for catching this.

Friday May 7th Opens New Archive Site

At 1 PM EST Friday presented the mill to the world. One of the most complex archives on the net to date, the Mill is the brainchild of FrigidMan. It features the ability for the public to publish map reviews, articles and, certainly not the least, plugins. would like to wish the best of luck to, and looks forward to the day of planned world dominat---

'Break a Leg' Postponed

Rumors have been leaked out from high above that because of unforseen circumstances Break a Leg, the World War II: Recon tournament, has ben postponed until May 15th. The organizers of the tournament have yet to mail the players today of the change of plans, but Zin of Clan Plaid was mailed that the tournament was postponed. If this is a rumor.. blame Zin ;)

Tuesday May 4th

Out With the Old, In with the New

Ah hah, so it turns out we at really were working on something after all. We've signed up Joshtar and his almost forgotten website to fill the void of content we had so sadly left empty. Welcome to the new Myth site, featuring the same old staff and a whole new site -- Nontoxic, a former Myths site from before the days of Soulblighters reign has now become the new website. But never fear loyal readers, all the same old content you were losing sleep dreaming over will still be coming to this new site. In the meantime enjoy the masses of new content, design, and pages.

Monday May 3rd

Where to start and What to do?

Veteran Mythers who remember the glorious Nontoxic site should feel right at home, but for everyone else here is a quick rundown of the different sections and you'll find there. Access them from the navigation imagemap at the top of every page.

Articles - Reviews, Current Events, Editorials, Humor, Games, Quizes, Previews and anything else relating to Myth.
Strategy - Self explanitory, you'll find articles, illustrations, film commentaries, visual aides and anything else that will help your Myth playing abilities.
Legends and Lore - By far the largest and most comprehensive section...following the basic concept of Marathon Story...but using a different approach at presenting the information, this section is all about the story and world surrounding the Myth series.
Forums - A collection of message boarsd for discussing various myth topics...from general to strategy to legends to map making.
The Mill - A standalone fully automated archive for myth maps, utilities, plugins, and related articles. Rate items, review them, upload your creations. Browse or search for others to download. Don't miss it.