Wednesday December 3rd 2003

PlayMyth Extends the Olive Branch { Zandervix }

From PlayMyth:

Since Mariusnet has been down for several days, we here at have been discussing what we can do to help these players. It's been brought up that isn't an option for some because of bans, locks, etc. based on previous altercations between mythdev/magma/playmyth/marius, etc. Well, it's time to get the family back together.

So we're offering the following for those affected by blocks/bans from here: contact us at and we'll get you set back up with an account here and get things squared away. Forget the past, put it behind us and move forward as a bigger, happier family. This *is* a "let bygones be bygones" offer, so please leave any baggage at the door, we have.