Thursday December 4th 2003

MythGraveyard Opens Up. { Zandervix }

The Myth Graveyard has just opened it's doors, and looks to be a very good resource for things thought lost. I'll let Charles d'Ghol explain it to you:

I wanted let you know that there is a new site connected to Myth. It is a place where there is a good number of information on the cartography and scripting and how to play the game and the strategy and other things too.

This site is called the graveyard of myth because all the things which you find here are of the sites of myth which have died. Stop close by and pay your regards to deaths, find some ends to help you to beat your supreme enemy, or download a part of the length-lost myth 2 courses of instruction in scripting and cartography.

There is a lot of info and good stuff here, and I myself will be spending a good chunk of time in the next few days checking out everything there. My hat's off to d'Ghol and all the great work he's put into this. The actual address for this site is I suggest adding it to your favorites list right now. Now, I say!