Thursday October 23rd 2003

Legal Issues Put to Rest { Zandervix }

As reported earlier, the alleged legal action against any new EEL files grew pretty ugly. However, there seems to be a light on the horizon. Here's some excerpts from PPE posted at MariusNet and MythForums:
For whatever reason, the past few days have grown ugly as all hell for the Myth community.
>~> ...has been tarnished by by past grievences, misunderstandings, arguments, etc.. and finally culminated in threats of legal action.

The first step of us puttin this crap behind us has been taken tonight. Something that more likely than not should have taken place months ago, happened tonight. Two people, one from each side, got on the phone and started working this crap out.


This evening I spoke with the lawyer representing MythDev in this EEL nightmare. Both sides agreed that the whole thing is out of control


The bottom line here is there is a new EEL file for playing on Mariusnet... and this one is legal, complete with a legal letter of authorization to distribute as I see fit.

Additionally, I've been assured of future support from the MythDev side of things should something like this ever occur again. So, should, for whatever goofy reason, the IP Addy of Mariusnet change again, we can count on having the full cooperation of MythDev in obtaining a new EEL.

On top of this.. the original reason for not adding the encryption to Mariusnet was that the associated NDA's were deemed unacceptable as they would have, depending on the interpretation, prevented the operators/proprietors of Mariusnet from doing as they see fit with their own server, a server they build from scratch. Well, I've also been told tonight that these NDA's can/will be rewritten so that they both protect the encryption code that they are intended to, as well as preserve the the full rights of the Mariusnet staff to do as they see fit with their application. Based on this, as soon as it's technically feasible, I plan to integrate the MythDev encryption into the Mariusnet app, which will then remove the need for any EEL files.


The new EEL file can be found here.
So it looks as if all is well... for now. "Good on 'ya!"