Wednesday October 22nd 2003

The Future of Myth? { Zandervix }

If you've been around to any of the other sites, you know there's trouble. I can't positively say where it all started, or what exactly is going on, but I'll give you what I know.

It seems that MariusNet recently changed IP addresses. "So?," you say. Well, somewhere in your Myth II files is what is called an EEL file. This is one of the files that allows you to play on Marius. Somewhere in that EEL file is encoding to MariusNet's IP address. Well, if you change the IP address of the site, and you don't change the file, you can't play on Marius. See where this is going? So, someone was nice enough to mae a new EEL file (currently being hosted at MythForums). It seems that Blades (from MythDev) got all in a tizzy (I make no apologies), which sparked this. For those with short attention spans, it basically says that they [Marius] are in some sort of copyright infringement. Or, in other words, "Thou shalt play on no server before PlayMyth."

Next, Blades
decides to retire from admining at PlayMyth.

As if that wasn't enough, a cryptic message on the newspage at The Mill, although it doesn't outright say, suggests that The Mill is shutting down.

What the Hell is going on?

Let me ask you a few questions. Does MythDev own Myth? (Answer:No). Isn't this all about a game? Why is there SO MUCH trauma in this community? Is The Mill shutting down? (Answer: I don't know [yet]). If it does shut down, where will the slack be taken up? When will all this crap end? Why can't we all just get along? Will Bungie come back and save us? (Oh, dear God, please!).

I still can't understand what is going on here. Why is there so much strife between the entire community? Nobody in the community owns Myth. Sure, MythDev has a pretty decent size stake in it; but they don't own it. This is absolutely ridiculous.

I'm in too much of a rant mode now to continue this article, but I'll try and keep you posted as things happen. I'll get on this again tomorrow.