Sunday October 5th 2003

Looking for Artifacts { Zandervix }

Okay. I'm on the search. I have always had this desire to have all things Myth. So what I'm getting at is this. If you have something that I don't have (and I don't mean all the current things on sale from MythDev). I mean the stuff that's not on sale anymore. Why am I posting about this on the news page? Because not only do I want this stuff for myself, but as a staffer here, I want this stuff for use by MBO and for the posterity of the history of Myth. So, here's a list of stuff I have. If you have something that is not listed here, please let me know, even if you don't want to sell it. This way, I'll know about it and can be on the look-out. But I'm always willing to make an offer.
Myth TFL Disc
Myth TFL Manual
Myth TFL (official) Strategy Guide (Sybex)
Myth TFL (unofficial) Strategy Guide (Prima)
Myth SB Disc
Myth SB Manual
Myth SB Strategy Guide (Sybex)
Myth MWA Disc
Myth MWA Manual
Myth MWA Strategy Guide (Brady Games)
Myth MWA Board Game
Myth 2: Worlds
Myth: Green Berets
Myth: Total Codex
Soulblighter Figurine
Myth 2 Poster
Myth: TFL Hat
Myth II Handbook
Myth Comic
GFA2 disc
I believe this is everything I have. If you have any additional items, such as ones I know about (The Trow Statue, the Myrkridia Statue), or any I don't know about (like the rumored Myth Novel, or anything else), please let me know about it. Thanks!

Edit: I forgot to add the TFL Soundtrack, SB Soundtrack, and the Total Soundtrack.