Tuesday August 26th 2003

Letter Response to Community Address { Zandervix }

Strange enough, none of the other Myth sites (that I know of) covered my address (Although, the smart folks over at Rampancy recognized my power). I didn't even see mention of it in any of the forums. How odd. At first I thought that maybe this site just wasn't getting the traffic I thought it was. But I got many, many nice letters from folks from all over the community. So, now I know we're getting plenty of traffic. I guess those who write the news on the other sites are just in denial about my presidency. Hmmm...

Anyhoo, I got a lot of nice letters, so I'd like to thank those who wrote to me. Although, with the nice folks, there is always one nutcase out there. :)
I suppose that's to be expected. The big P.Z. ~out~