Friday August 22nd 2003

Myth(Dev) Mention Over at PennyArcade { Zandervix }

Here's the snippet from PennyArcade in response to an inquiry about games that have been taken over (and further developed) by a community:
I would be disappointed, yes, disappointed in you if you were not familiar with Bungie's Myth. Almost universally adored, and luscious with (then novel) 3Dfx accelerated graphics, Myth games were good in virtually every way one can reckon a tactical fantasy game. It had a beautiful interface that allowed access to a wheelbarrow full of great maps and gametypes, it was essentially the cat's pajamas. We're all aware that when Bungie became a part of Microsoft, Bungie's own multiplayer matching service would eventually become a thing of the past. Of course, this was long after I had started playing other games - so I was not aware that the community had risen to the challenge here, as well. I had heard about this more recently, when gamers displeased with the state of Myth III successfully petitioned Take-Two Interactive to gain access to the source code in order to fix the game.

Think about that for a second.

In any event, their legacy is real - modern, playable versions of all three Myth games, and a matchmaking service to tie it all together. It makes me want to clap.