Monday August 18th 2003

Chia Sighting! { Zandervix }

Dave "Chia" Pindrys has been sighted. Here's the full beef from PlayMyth:
Dave 'Chia' Pindrys is back! I [Spond] had the priviledge and pleasure to play a couple of games of grave with him last night. He said he's going to be attending school in Savannah this fall, and he's doing great.

For those of you who don't know or maybe don't remember, Chia is a long time Myth community supporter and member. He designed the original Bungie Sightings website for Bungie's official "#1 fan" Miguel "Freewill" Chavez. He also hosted The Myrgard Times, a Myth news site for which Drunk Bob, myself, and other Myth wackos wrote for. He is a huge part of Myth and Halo lore, with his name right up there with Freewill, Peter Tampte, Peter Marks, Alex Seropian and just about anyone else you can think of.

Along about Dec 01, 2001, Chia was in a wreck, where a huge truck and his compact car got into a disagreement over who was bigger. The truck won. gg. Chia being inside the loser, wound up in the hospital for a very long time. The Myth Community, the larger Bungie community, and in truth the entire gaming world rallied around to help with support, prayers, and donations to help cover medical expences. There were news items on PC Gamestuff and Inside Mac Games as well as the most well established Myth and Halo fan sites, and many others. For a while, Freewill operated with a paypal account, and a guestbook. I remember reading the guestbook often, and being amazed at the outpouring from the world's gamers.

Goes to show how much love there is in the community, despite how we may act towards one another at times. Chia coming back now is nothing short of an answer to prayer to me personally, and should be a sign to the community at large that we all belong to a bigger group.
Welcome back, buddy! Good Luck!