Monday August 11th 2003

Rampancy Interviews Blades { Gholsbane }

First of all, I'd like to apologise for my extended absence of late. I now find myself stateside at the start of a three week tour of the west coast as well as New York area and environs. As for the last three weeks, I spent those in Italy so there's that excuse. Zandervix seemed to have pulled the place together rather nicely while I was gone too. I think he might deserve a cookie. Well, I am back now so you can return to hassling and harassing me for old time's sake.

So without further ado: On with the news!

Kevin from has interviewed Blades from MythDev and PlayMyth. The questions range from Blades' personal experience with Myth to the relationship between MythDev and Take Two with a discussion on Myth's future as the core. Definitely worth a read, especially for those wondering which direction the Myth franchise is facing in.

While you're there, be sure to check out narcogen's History of Bungie, which was no doubt part of his entry for the Editor position at We wish him the best of luck.