Wednesday May 30th 2001

Myth III has 12 weeks left (!) { Lophan }

It seems that Mumbo Jumbo's connection to the internet is back up, so Andrew Meggs (you know who he is and what he does) has been busy in the many Myth forums. In regards to a thread in the FutureMyth forum about the consistancy of the Myth storyline, Meggs offers this little pearl:
It's already too late! We have to be done with everything except testing, compatibility, and bug fixes in only 12 weeks, and there's no way any significant story points or characters can change now! Your cries fall on deaf ears as we scramble on to the finish! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Interesting, looks like they're coming up on the home stretch. 12 weeks huh?... can anyone figure out how to make a seven out of that?