Sunday May 27th 2001

Myth@Bungie.Org Forums Upgrade { Forrest }

Thanks to the hard efforts of's own Claude Errera, all forums are now running on WebBBS 4.33. This means, among other things, that you can create profiles for yourselves, setting URLs and images in your sigs. Profiles also mean that people can't post under your name without your password, if you've registered in the DB by creating a profile.

There are other niceties too, such as auto-redirecting to the index after posts and other operations, wider spacing on the index for easier readability, and so on.

As an added benefit, I now have MaD AdMiN PoWeRz, meaning that I can toast any of you forum lamers lurking out there in the dark, dank mists of cyberspace. (Not that our forums have many lamers [knock on wood]).

So, register your profile, post your messages, and enjoy!