Thursday May 24th 2001

TMBM tells Myth to 'Go To Hell!' { Lophan }

"TMBM wants you to go to Hell!
They Might Be Mapmakers is proud to present the release of a new multiplayer map set: 'Hell and Hell Frozen Over!'

Hell is a dark, horrid place, with strange sacrificial monuments exuding darkness, and pools of lava burning in the cracked landscape. 'Night on Bald Mountain', the classical masterpiece by Vaughn Williams, plays in the background as you wreak havoc in Hell. 'Hell Frozen Over' is an example of what Hell will be like when Pigs fly, Bush learns his ABC's, and Nader is elected President. The pools of lava are now hardened ice, and the cracked earth is now frozen solid, the once dark monuments now covered in a whirlwind of snow. Both maps are FFA, featuring traditional Myth units as well as some TMBM scenery.

Hell is available at The Mill ( or at the TMBM website ( You can visit the Hell preview page at