Wednesday May 23rd 2001

Myth III coverage from Gamespy { Lophan }

From Gamespy's E3 coverage, Nate "Lokust" Timperley wrote this article about the upcoming Myth III: The Wolf Age: a good high-level overview of the project with yet another take on how Myth III's gameplay is shaping up. Timperley also offers some background story info which may or may not be news to our readers:
One thousand years before he wore the Mantle of the Leveler and was known as Balor, Connacht was the great hero of the Wolf age. Myth 3 takes place a millenia before it's predecesors, and traces Connacht's exploits against the armies of the Myrkridia and Trow. Another familiar character, Damas, plays a big part in the storyline as Connacht's most trusted general. Myth 2 fans will probably recognize Damas under another name - Soulblighter.
A lot of positive press has come out so far on Myth III and there's still game aspects that Mumbo Jumbo has yet to address. With some of the reports of lackluster PC showings at E3, we're happy to see that our pet-project is getting the early nod.