Friday May 18th 2001

More Myth III info from { Lophan }'s coverage of E3: After praising Nintendo for their 'mastery' of the game market and taking a few shots at Sony, MSNBC blasts Micro$oft's presentations for the Xbox for it's 'unimpressive showing so far.'

They do, however, give a good review of Max Payne on the PC side (can't wait to get my hands on it) and another game you might have heard of...

Max Payne will not have a multi-player mode, but it may not need one. This appears to be a strong enough game to survive on single-player interest. Another promising title in the Gathering trailer park was Myth III: The Wolf Age, a prequel to earlier Myth games.

Myth III is a Bungie-less Myth. (Bungie, the company that created Myth, was acquired by Microsoft and now devotes its full attention to Xbox.) Even so, the spirit of Bungie haunts this game along with millions of medieval monsters. And while the final results will not be in for a few months, this preliminary look suggests that Myth fans may find their game intact.