Wednesday May 16th 2001

A Note On Forums... { Forrest }

Just a brief note, especially directed to all you Mythmasters out there, pointing out the new link at the bottom of the page Mythmaster page. Below the Films link. The Academy. That's our old strategy forum, from back when we had a strategy section. It's not gotten much use, well... ever. I'm trying to get the site cleaned up and everything organized properly, as you can tell by the "structural updates" I've been doing to Legends and Lore. This includes the Forums.

Pretty much the only productive forum currently is the Asylum, which has picked up mapmaking and Mythmastery topics as well, topics once directed to The Forge and The Academy. Hopefully we'll have a section to generate traffic in The Forge soon enough, but for now, if you have any Mythmaster posts, put them in the Academy. I'm gonna start actually monitoring those other forums now too, so no lamers allowed :-)

Have fun.