Tuesday May 15th 2001

Myth Village Opens Its Doors { Gawyn }

May 15, 2001 - Myth Village is proud to announce it's grand opening. Myth Village is a new site dedicated to the Myth series of games by Bungie / Mumbo Jumbo.

This premier comes just one day before the before the start of E3. We intend to cover it completely and have an article dedicated to the show. Myth Village also has a complete collection of released images from Myth III and a writeup of the development team.

With the new sites comes new forums, a new links section, and an expanded updates page, with the addition of a list of map standards from various orders.

With the launch of Myth Village comes the absence of Myth Townhall. Started back in December of 1998 it covered the world of Myth well in the past two and half years. It is now closing it's doors to make room for Myth Village.


Infininight - Webmaster