Friday May 11th 2001

Minor Structural Updates { Forrest }

I've gone through all the Journals and put the title of the game each level belongs to above the links to the next or previous pages, since it looked odd only having the first and last levels like that. So now, for example, "Seven Gates" will have links to "Myth TFL: Shadow of the Mountain" and "Myth TFL: Forest Heart", while "The Forge" will link to "Myth II: Twice Born" and "Chimera: The Healer".

I've also gone through and made sure that all of the field guides had the prev/next links at the bottom as well, as many of them (even the old TFL ones) didn't.

Also also in the TFL Field Guides, I've removed links to broken old strategy guides on other people's sites. Our own solo strategy guides will eventually be erected at Mythmaster Central.

In the same section as the broken strat links, I've replaced the "...level X of the game." phrase with "...level X of Myth: The Fallen Lords." The Myth II sections match this ("...of Myth II: Soulblighter), as will the Chimera sections ("...of Myth II: Chimera"), and eventually the Myth 3 sections ("...of Myth III: The Wolf Age).

Next up, Chimera Field Guides...