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Monday February 5th 2001

Myth and MacOS X { Lophan }

In what has been a very S-L-O-W weekend in terms of Myth news, I did come upon an article at Inside Mac Games by Michael Yanovich regarding the new MacOS X and gaming. While some games had problems (Deus Ex and Unreal Tournament) running under Apple's next-generation OS, the reporter experienced no problems or slowdowns with Myth: TFL or Soulblighter. Here's an interesting excerpt:
Interestingly enough, I was not able to log on to Bungie.net to play Myth II online. This could be because my DSL has been very flaky lately, or it could have been caused by a problem at Bungie.net. Whatever the reason, two attempts to connect resulted in failures.
Well Michael, I think bungie.net is the culprit as it seems no one has been able to get on lately. Hopefully, all will be rectified Soon(tm). In the meantime, check out the full article and get the low-down on future gaming with MacOS X.

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