Sunday December 31st 2000

PC Gamer mentions WWII Myth plugin { Lophan }

In my final post before Dick Clark drops the ball in Times Square for, what is it, the 77th time?... a quick note on a mention for the WWII: Recon plugin that Santa's Head so lovingly created and has provided us all with hours upon hours of RPG and tank driving fun.

PC Gamer featured existing and upcoming World War II games (including Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Medal of Honor Allied Assault and World War II Online, to name a few) and what to expect. Albiet it's only a quick note in the WWII Mods section with a brief paragraph describing the gameplay, it's always nice to see the hard work of the Bungie Community recognized (and advertised).

As well, I hope everyone out there has a Safe and Happy New Year. With the impending release of Oni and eventually Halo, this is going to be a BIG year for Bungie, and we look forward to the ride!