Friday December 15th 2000

Bushido Solo Archive released { Lophan }

The Bushido Solo Archive is now publicly available from Creation. It includes a new 5-level Bushido solo campaign w/ all the customary extras such as narration, artwork, music, etc; a plugin called "Shidoblighter" that optimizes 6 cool M2SB solo levels for Bushido; and two all-new multiplayer maps. It also includes some other goodies.

The solo campaign has levels of offensive, defensive, stealth, puzzle, and quest-based natures, both large-scale and small-scale. It has some technically advanced features never before seen in Myth. Of particular interest is the versatile animation-switching hero Yoshitsune and the scripted special effects.

Please go to the website for further details and screenshots. After you DL, sign up for the Bushido Bash on, Thursday, Dec. 20, at 7 PM CST. A night of fun Bushido cooperative play.

Handy Links:

Bushido Solo Website at
Bushido Bash sign-up at
Bushido page at the Mill
Quic k DL link

A note about the download size - Yes, this is big. Every meg in the archive is there for a reason though. If you want to be able to download in chunks, Hotline is the app you need. CreationGames Hotline (CGHL) has re-opened to help folks out with the download. The server is "" and the login is "guest" - no password. Be sure to read the agreement.