Tuesday December 5th 2000

Oops! Don't need to do it again... { Forrest }

Asmodeus has mentioned both to me in person and in a response to SiliconDream's post that he has already accomplished the feat Silicon challenged Mythmasters to do - namely, to kill the Wights and save the Knot on Homecoming. The film is called "Second Homecoming", and it can be found, as always, at Mythmaster Central.

But don't worry, all you aspiring Mythmasters who never bother to send me any films now anymore dontchaknow, the Mythmasters' Challenge is still ongoing! The while the TFL, M2 and Chimera divisions are already completed, the title of Grand Champion still remains! Who will it be? Asmodeus? The Wolf Pack? Deep Thought? Or YOU?