Friday December 1th 2000

OMG! LEGENDZ MB!!!1!1! { Forrest }

In a freak accident, I have somehow managed to update the Field Guide section of Legends with info from the Asylum; specifically, an interesting bit regarding Homecoming. I am deeply sorry. You can blame Hamish Sinclair for all this.

As a side note, we are still seeking the aid of worthy story-freaks or even just those skilling in playing the solo levels to help get Legends up to date. We need Field Guides for Myth II and Chimera, the Timeline of the When section of the Encyclopedia needs to be finished, the whole thing needs to be updated with new info from GURPS and the like, and there are a boatload of theories in the Asylum which should be copied to Delusions and Relics. You can blame Hamish again, if you'd like ;)