Sunday September 24th 2000

Hexo returns! { Forrest }

As stolen from (hey, Claude made me do it!):
Once upon a time (a year ago), there was a plucky little mapmaking group called Hexographica. These plucky fellows had just released a neat little map called Discovery. This map introduced a new unit, the heavy cavalry. And it was good.

But they wanted a little bit more than that, so they set on a huge project often referred to as Warlords or Siege. This project would have dragons, pikemen, griffins, catapults and other happy things of mayhem. And so they created a bunch of maps with those creatures of mayhem, and nearly finished them. And it was good.

Unfortunately, from that summer of 1999 to the present day, the various Hexographica members were captured by Venusians, exiled to island nations, and/or swallowed by giant mealworms. That was bad.

How we escaped from those foul conditions is a long story, but the good news is that Hexographica is back to release these neat maps and prevent our work from being yet another piece of vaporware.

We are soon to release our now year old opus. Warlords, a grandiose four player map with six new units, individual forts with destructable walls, reinforcements, the works, along with the accompanying Hexotagset 2. Along with this great release, we will release If It Doesn't Move... Kill It 2, a sequel to an old FFA map that has meshes of light, dark units, along with some of the Warlords units and a Bushido mesh.

But for now, check out the Hexographica website at

Sounds pretty cool, so go check it out!