Friday September 8th 2000

Creation Releases Homeland II! { Forrest }

From Ares:
Six months ago, Creation introduced you to Homeland. The map has remained a Mill Must Have from that day to this, and has logged thousands of downloads.

Now, Creation finally announces the release of Homeland II

This level concludes the epic of the last great battles of the War against a new, yet unthinkably old rival. Features include:

- Detailed, illustrated, narrated story, new flavors, and in-game cinematics expand and conclude the world of Homeland
- Huge winding level with < 300 to > 700 enemy units for great diversity in difficulty level.
- Three totally new units in addition to the three Homeland new units, for a total of six new characters.
- Built-in biodegrader and smart-scripting for less coop lag and 100% Windows compatibility.

More than any other previous Creation release, Homeland II succeeds in capturing the desperation and the flavor of the original Myth campaigns by Bungie.

[ Info and Screenshots at | HL2 Page at The Mill | Quick DL ]

You know I work with Creation and all, and so am obviously biased, but I feel right in telling you this is map leans toward the cooler end of the spectrum, in more ways that one. :-)

And now there's just Bushido left before the grande finale.