Thursday December 30th 1999

Bungie-fest in San Francisco { Pie-rat }

Freewill, continuing on his never-ending quest to unite all Bungie fans, has released this invitation to a gathering of Bungie fans at MWSF:
I, Miguel Chavez, certified as Bungie's Number One Fan ;-) , have arranged with Club-I, San Francisco's only PC gaming center & cafe to host a Bungie Gathering of Fans on Jan 5, Wednesday, from 7:00 PM til closing. This is timed to occur during MacworldExpo. Club-I is located within short walking distance of the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco.

NOTE: This event could be canceled if there's not enough interest! Keep reading and if you plan on attending, please email me!

Club-I has 24 gaming workstations. The games of choice will be Myth:TFL and Myth II:SB Come and play head to head against other Myth players with no network LAG but plenty of good clean fun! I apologize for not being able to showcase other Bungie games, but there may be some last minute additions. Stay tuned :-)

For those that were not planning on attending MacworldExpo but still want to participate in a gathering of like-minded Bungie-fanatics, this is the place for you. Or maybe you *are* attending MWSF and still crave more Bungie goodness? Then come on down! As a bonus, we're scheduled to have some Bungie personnel in attendance. Have an obscure question you'd like answered? Here's the place to ask it! Wanna plead with the programmers to add one particular feature to their newest games, Halo and Oni? Tell it in person! Always wanted to try your skills against some Bungie employees? Bring it on!

Due to circumstances beyond my control, there is a $7 admission fee per person. With that in mind, I urgently request emails from interested parties in this event. If it appears that turnout will be too low, the event may be canceled :-( However, a small part of me, buried deep within my cerebral cortex, believes that it will not be canceled.

There is no age restriction, but I urge all minors to be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Club-I's kitchen serves an assortment of food, from salads to sandwiches. Also available is every computer geek's favorite: pizza!

Since this is a private function, Club-I will not honor Club-I membership cards to this event. My apologies about that.

More information as it becomes available. Any questions, feel free to email me.

Please remember, this event is not run by Bungie. This is a fan-driven event. Be courteous to your fellow Bungie-fanatics.

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Sounds great! If you're interested, please get in touch with Freewill.