Friday December 24th 1999

Myth II Tournaments at Macworld { Pie-rat }

Freewill sent out a message concerning Myth II tournaments at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Seems that last time a Myth tourney was set up at a MW Expo, the playing time the organizers set up was about 30 minutes per game -- much too long for a standard Myth carnage-fest.

To remedy this, Freewill talked to "Vinny" (the head honcho) and recommended that each Myth game should last 10 minutes. Vinny agreed, and said he would tell his staff.

Just to make sure no one forgets this amendment, Freewill asks that mythers going to MWSF print out the following message from Vinny to Freewill and show it to whoever's running the Myth tourney there.

>Hiya -

>Last time around, Alf didn't quite understand how
>to run the MYTH II Tournament, and we've made
>sure he knows now. The 30 minutes will actually
>be 3 separate 10 minute games :-)

>Happy Holidays!

>>> Vinny

So there yout have it.

Going to Macworld this year? Make sure that the guys over there get it right this time!