Monday December 20th 1999

Source of the Five-Hundred Poisons { Forrest }

Creation has just released their latest map, the first new map in the Coming of the Dark series since the original CoD Level Pack 1. In Ares' own words:
In the tradition of Myth-style solo combat comes a map which incorperates striking new gameplay elements, yet still retains the old-school feel. Source of 500 poisons will challenge the way you think solo map should be played.

Features include:

- Scene set by a story that took place in Myth's history, supplemented by all-new flavor texts for player and enemy units
- All-new artwork (win / loss screens) and appropriate pre-game graphics and music
- With the exception of "With Friends Like These," the most heavily scripted solo map of all time!
- First multiple-world knot network on a solo map... yet at the same time a design of elegant simplicity
- Incorporates the most randomness ever on a solo map. Over 40 possible games! (compare that with 6 on Shadow of the Mountain)... play it over and over again and it'll never be the same twice.
- In addition to Pure Skeelz Combat, several puzzles / traps are on this map that require you to solve a puzzle from clues provided in order to survive... Hints section included in the readme gives you help if you're stuck.
- Absolutely amazing terrain... Stunningly realistic black chasms and mountain trails (Mesh by Clem, author of Morte Della Luna)
- Very high difficulty range... for those who like to Vid levels, there is ample opportunity to show off your skills by attacking enemy squads that were never meant to be fought (this ties in with the puzzle / trap thing mentioned earlier)
- Best of all to PC-users, this map has none of the platform-specific problems that plagued previous CoD maps.

This is the culmination of months of work and testing. I sincerely hope you like it... Have fun! Watch the included film and you may learn a thing or two...

So, head on over to The Mill and check it out. Make sure to go back and rate this excellent piece of work once you've played it.