Saturday December 18th 1999

Myth Accademy "School" { Pie-rat }

Remedy sends us the following PR about a new Myth "school" (note that the spelling errors are not ours):
The Myth Accademy is a school for new players on (Myth2: Soulblighter), we teach new players the ropes of multiplayer-Myth. Many sites have walkthroughs and guides but our program introduces a personal touch to the subject. We play with the new players, teach them, and have fun with them. Its like school, but 60% is rescess. Students can enroll in a class under a teacher by either sending an email through the webpage, or seeing them on and asking (Note teachers wear the "" tag).
Sounds really cool. Check out the Myth Accademy [sic] website here (temporary address) or drop a note to Remedy for more info.