Monday December 13th 1999

Creation Releases Morte Della Luna { Pie-rat }

Let me start this post with the immortal words of the Unknown Newsie:

"Wow, slow news week!"

The following PR was lifted without shame or remorse from The Townhall:

Morte is a 2-team multiplayer map with a design unlike any you have seen before. The huge central bay provides excellent hiding places for thrall and wights, and forces the action to the edges of the map, the sandy beaches and jungles that form the curve of the U-shaped bay. Four meshes provide excellent opportunity for endless mayhem.

If multiplayer isn't your thing, a fully developed solo mesh is also included, with an engrossing story and original artwork - lead Gorlan the Blind, Warlock Prophet, and his army around the bay from one end to the other, fighting the hordes of Undead that charge endlessly of the bay...

If that doesn't make much sense, I'll give you a hint: it's referring to Creation map called Morte Della Luna. The map contains both multi- and single-player variants (the story for the single-player game can be found on the site) and looks pretty cool.

As always, you can find the map at The Mill.