Monday December 6th 1999

Tournament of Heroes Regis. Open { Pie-rat }

Troche the Hungry had this to say concerning his new 48-team tournament:
My journey began 1 year ago. I received word of a legendary place, wheremen tested their strength doing battle with demons and half deads. Whereyoungins' left their mothers as boys, and returned home warriors. TheMythical land ruled by Alric, defeater of Soulblighter. I traveled beyondGonen's Bridge to the great city of Muirthemne, to the legendary Tain andthe impeccable Great Library. No matter where my travels took me, onequestion was echoed by warriors everywhere. "Who possessed the ultimateskill, Team players of the FFA berzerks?" This question has caused many toexclude themselves from participating in many a battle due to the format notbeing worthy of their efforts. Hence, a new battle has been created. Onethat includes the challenges of strategic planning of teams and the quickresponses of Free For All. The battle is the

Tournament of Heroes

A combination team and FFA tournament. 48 teams do battle in a variety ofteam games, ffa games and multi - team FFA Death Matches. Those thatsurvive shall be dubbed the legendary Heroes of the land of Alric, and atrue complete Myth II players.

Do U have what it takes? Are U and your mates up to the challenge? Even onunfamilar terrain?If U have the skill to play team and ffa on familiar and unfamilar maps,then enter the

Tournament of Heroes

Got what it takes? Check out the Tournament of Heroes website here and register.