Tuesday April 27th 2004

Myth.Bungie.Org Redesign { Gholsbane }

Don't adjust your set, what you're seeing is the brand new design of Obviously...

You'll probably notice if you start exploring the site that most of it is still sporting the old look. This will slowly change as we get the chance to update each section, but we thought the front page at least could do with some spicing up.

You might also notice that our new sidebar (wow, such technology) lists a brand new section for m.b.o: Fan Fiction. So if you ever had a journal entry or a piece of Myth based prose you wanted to share, step right up and submit it, and rest assured that it won't be months before anything is done about it. You can also post comments to pieces that have already been submitted.

Note: while we're confident the system works and has been put through its paces, there's still the possibility of bugs or errors cropping up. If you encounter anything that suggests a slip up, make sure you send an email so we can get it fixed.

This design has been in the works for a while now and quite a bit of effort has gone into making the various sections of the site better accessible from the front page. We hope you enjoy the fresh look and bear with us while we embark on the conversion of the rest of the site.

Special thanks to Claude "Wu" Errera, bigwig and general dude, for help getting this new design sorted and the old news rebuilt. We love you Louis!